Facebook’s new Ticker, can I remove it? Yes, you can!

//Facebook’s new Ticker, can I remove it? Yes, you can!

Facebook’s new Ticker, can I remove it? Yes, you can!

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I think most of us already have Facebook’s new Ticker even though it was just announced just yesterday by Mark Zuckerburg at the F8 Keynote.

What is Ticker?

Ticker is that box on the right hand side of your screen that is whizzing through all of your friends activity in real time ( a bit like Twitter ) It shows you a brief summary of the update and if you want to see more you can click on it.  I believe this will be used more when all of the changes have taken place.

I don’t like Facebook’s news ticker, how do I remove it?

However, many users are asking how to get rid of, or remove ticker because a) Its annoying or b) its is slowing their internet down. There are a few spam messages going around where people are asking you to copy and paste it too your friends, but it doesn’t actually work, I’m told.

Edit: see below for solution!

The upshot of that seems to be that Facebook doesn’t allow you remover the News Ticker – you can only make it smaller by moving the horizontal bar between ticker chat.  Slide up the bar to hide ticker which then makes your chat list taller.

 Here it is open .. notice the updates appear from the top to the bottom of the screen, always moving and updating.

 And here Facebook’s Ticker is closed, you can only see two updates, which just appear to flicker now and then – Chat is off.

See, its a not so bad, its a nice place……. (I know what you are going to say next!) Ah shuddapa your face-book 🙂

If you have found a way to remove it, please let us know.

@Patti_OShea Author on Twitter said she used Ad Blocker Elements to hide the Ticker in Firefox and Facebook Purity to hide it in Chrome. – but that its actually still there but she can only see a white block now, not all of the messages flying by. 


EDIT!! Great News.

There are now two Chrome extensions available to remove the Facebook News Ticker

Disable FB Sidebar Ticker – Ticker Disable – actually asked for access to all of my websites so I wasn’t too keen on installing that one.

Facebook News Ticker Remover

Where as this one  just asked for access to Facebook – I installed this – as easy as pie – and the Ticker was gone.

So this must mean that other browsers might have or that if you hate the news ticker you should use the Chrome browser – I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be using that or Firefox anyway.

Edit: Here is a Facebook Ticker removal for Firefox or Mozilla – https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/facebook-ticker-removal/

Hope this helps.









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  • at0micandy

    i am more interested in getting my time line to display the updates from my friends in the sequence that my friends left them, you know, the way is did last wee, and the weeks before that ever since I started using facebook. They are MY friends, not facebooks, and I should decide what is important to me, not facebook.

    • I’m sure I read a way to do that, I will have a look again. Thanks. 

    • What I did was just create a “list” and add all of my “friends” to it, and I’m just reading that instead of the home page. The lists seem to actually display things chronologically, so it’s a decent way to get around they’re stupid judgments of what’s supposedly a “top story”.

      And as for the ticker… I just drag my browser window to the right so it’s off the edge of the screen and I don’t have to look at it!

      • Fantastic tips Lauren, thank you! 🙂 

  • Hi Michelle,

    Saw your comment on my Chrome Extension ‘Disable FB Sidebar Ticker – Ticker Disabler’ that you dont feel secure to install since it accesses ‘all website’. I’ve updated it to just access ‘facebook.com’. This is something that I overlooked while developing it.


    However, it is my responsibility to explain what does it really means by ‘accessing’. This is totally different to the the type of access you see in Facebook. The access here basically means, ‘where do you want this extension to work’ and where not.

    I’ve write to Google to change the term ‘this can access’ to ‘this will work on’ so that user understands the purpose of extension. Basically, this extension cant access any of your data that you browse unless it says ‘browsing data’ in that section.

    • And sorry…. just re-updated to ‘Access all websites’ … seems the coding has issue when i allow only facebook.com… will debug and get back here

    • Hi Mugilan, 

      Ah, thanks for explaining that, I wasn’t totally sure why it would want to access “all websites” but it didn’t seem right to me.  

      Thanks for that, I think it would be better for you to do that, however safe, it doesn’t sound so 🙂 I will of course change my post, if that is changed.  People should read this as well so that’s good. 

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