Increase your online presence with creative writing for websites.


Writing for the internet is totally different to journalistic writing for magazines or books.  Website copy does not require padding or extra words to fill it out, but exactly the opposite. Creating written word for websites is an art form, mixed with science: you just need the right mix.

  • Words
  • Headlines
  • Fonts
  • SEO

and of course great targeted content.

Copy writing is one of the most effective online marketing elements a website can have. Creating more views to your website and what we all really want –  MORE SALES. Mix this with Social Media and you have a winner.

Websites need to quickly grab the reader’s attention and engage them.

Creative Writers for websites need to get the required message across in a flash.

It’s important to realise that visitors to websites just skim read. You probably aren’t even reading this!  They aren’t interested in reading huge lumps of text, they want short, sharp sentences that are easy to read, catchy and to the point.

However, first of all you need to get the visitors to the web page. This is done by writing effective, interesting SEO copy using the correct amount of keywords for search engine optimization without keyword stuffing.

If you need help controlling your creative writing, and to be found on search engines then just contact us – we can produce excellent SEO packed content for your website.