R2-D2 Starwars Illustrator Art

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Here is my R2-D2 Starwars Illustrator Art. Its been a long time since I have done any drawing or updated this page - and I had to teach myself illustrator again, as I hadn't really learned all you could do yet. R2-D2 Starwars Illustrator Art RD-D2 is a fictional character - well actually  he is an astromech droid from the Star Wars films - He was created by 3 men with differing roles, Ralph McQuarrie, John Stears and Tony Dyson.  I think everyone knows who R2D2 is - even those that aren't big fans. R2-D2 is called a droid because he's not an android and he's not a robot.  I can't explain the different between android and a robot really apart from to say that usually an android looks like a human and most of the time a robot doesn't. I was going to list for you the films he's been in but there are so many - you should just go to the IMDB for R2D2     I hope that you enjoy my R2-D2 Starwars Illustrator Art