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When you want to help but don’t know how – Kindness in a box

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Cancer, the dreaded C word - the other one.  When it happens to us, of course, it's a huge shock.  Why me!  Cancer is something that happens to someone else!  No one wants to take that journey in life.  But once we find out about it there is no going back, we have to tackle it head-on.  The only save here is that we did find out, so now we have a chance to Kick Cancer from our lives.  It's also difficult for family and friends who feel helpless and who want to help but they don't know how - Cancer, its such a big shock for all. Since an early age, my life has been affected in some way by cancer. From the age of 15, I dealt with it day in and day out from when mum was diagnosed. It came and went and came and went - for 15 years.  I remember then, how friends and relatives felt.  People wanted to help, to offer some assistance, to say that they are there if they are needed, to [...]

How to get Facebook Group Analytics

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You have been able to get analytics for pages for ages because facebook have their very own analytics built in and it's quite useful. If you want to find out how to get Facebook Group Analytics its a bit more difficult. Facebook Groups vs Pages Many business owners choose a Facebook Group over a page now. Why? Because not only are Facebook groups are a proven way to form connections and discussions because they feel more like a community than a page. Pages are still valuable even though some businesses seem to think a page is a way to shout about their products and services, without using them to provide value for their community. Which unless you are Pepsi, is a big mistake. Although even Pepsi don't just post boring "buy my stuff now" posts, they have great content which includes video and interactive posts, it is still all about them but still. With Facebook Pages you can use ads,  you can add a variety of apps so that people can easily find you elsewhere, or you can collect email addresses and [...]

StartUp Home Care Platform Hometouch changing Social Care as we know it

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Hometouch is an online marketplace for home carers and families to find each other.  As you can imagine for me this tech service which uses Saas was a dream to find.  Getting the carers you want is a very difficult, upsetting and lengthy process for families.   This, let me tell you IS the solution. StartUp Home Care Platform Hometouch changing Social Care as we know it Hometouch uses SaaS, Software as a service to help families find the carer they want at affordable prices and also helps carers get paid the money they deserve.  From what I understand carers can charge the rates they want, (no more minimum wage for them) and Hometouch takes a commission for connecting them with families and running the system. Hometouch was founded by Doctor Jamie Wilson who is a dementia physician in 2015 after he noticed the amount of people waiting for suitable care on the NHS.  The Startup has had three lots of successful funding rounds since then.  I can see why this is such a great idea and already works really well. [...]

Logitech are Having a Mouse Party

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I'm a huge fan of all things Logitech  so I often get emails from them with money off voucher codes, this time, when I clicked through (sucker) I found I have 25% off and the headline -  Logitech are having a mouse party, of course I had to find out more.  It wasn't house party with a typo.. Logitech are having a mouse party So what was it all about .. well  - Logitech have got a new Wireless Mouse the M238 and its so cute and colourful - I love the web page for it too.  You can scroll through 9 different quirky and colourful designs to see how they look.  They've got all these weird and wonderful hands holding the mouse to show that you can have whatever design to make your personality shine, I like it! Check out The Party Selection Being a hard computer user, working all day on the PC and playing all night either blogging, surfing or gaming I have never got on with a wireless mouse and keyboard  as they were always running out of batteries [...]

Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers

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My dad has suffered with memory problems for many years, and as a tech geek we have found it hard to find tech equipment easy enough to use to feed his tech addition - until he was diagnosed with Alzheimers I'd not thought to look on the Alzheimers Society website, and there we found this Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers. Ever since I was a kid a loved the stuff my dad had, he had a thirst for knowledge and technology that he has passed down to me - first, it was all of the huge dictionaries and then the full set of Britannica Encyclopedia that he owned which were always open and used, not just sat on the shelf collecting dust. I remember the very exciting time in the 90's when he got his first computer and we found that you could get the encyclopedias on CD-ROM, which now is only available digitally.  A sad story actually - because then came the internet where you could find out anything you wanted to know about on the web, but that's another [...]

My First 3 Months with the GoPro Hero4 Silver

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My First Three Months with a GoPro Hero4 Silver hasn't gone too well.  Or should I say WITHOUT the GoPro Hero4 Silver.  I would have thought by now, I'd have a great review for you with videos and images for you to gasp and delight at but no, sadly, we have hardly even touched the GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera GoPro Hero 4 Silver I found a company online called SLR HUT offering some great prices for bundles of the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.  A sports bundle, an outdoor kit, many types of accessory bundles with everything you might need to get going, and the price so much cheaper than elsewhere.  I was a little concerned, because you know you don't get something for nothing - but could find no valid reasons not to buy from them, and the bundle seemed just so handy. Many sites had people asking if anyone had bought from SLR HUT, some reviews good and some bad, mostly people just suspicious of them as the prices are so cheap. I also read on various networks that the site [...]

SIRI 2™ – The Voice Coach, The Personal Assistant or The Massager

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So, what is SIRI 2™ The Voice Coach, The Personal Assistant or The Massager ? Right now you are thinking about the voice of Siri that comes out of your iPhone but that’s not what I’m talking to you about today. We are talking about the LELO SIRI 2™ by the same people that created Beyond the Wave for Valentines Day. Before Personal Assistant Siri was as an iOS application available in the App Store by Siri, Inc LELO the award winning adult toy company had already introduced their own version of Siri, a totally different type of personal assistant. LELO have launched the SIRI 2™ ....which is something completely different again. First The Sexy Part SIRI 2™ is personal music massager in a curved pebble shape – which offers LELO's strongest vibrations ever for a handheld massager. It is 100% Waterproof, so  you can use it in the bath or shower too. And has 8 new exciting vibration patterns. This massager is made from silky smooth, skin safe silicone and ABS plastic which is completely seamless.  Sexy stuff huh. The [...]

iKlips – Lightning Flash Drive – iOS Storage

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Adam Elements are a provider of smart lifestyle solution in Taiwan - who are now global.  Earlier this year Adam Elements did a indiegogo campaign for a new product The iKilps Lightning Flash Drive - to transfer, backup and save files from your iOS products to your PC without the use of the internet.  You won't be surprised that they raised Over £250,000 which was 400% funded! Who Are Adam Elements Adam Elements established just 2 years ago in December 2013 and they offer solutions for technology brands (now you know why I'm hooked) They cover mobile devices, smart wearables, intelligent peripherals, and even health products.  They have had rapid growth since they established and actually now have three distinct consumer brands - AdamElements - AdamSelect and AdamCare for their various products.  They are now just launching the iKlips! What is the iKlips This is a brand new product on the market, never before have we seen a dual interface like this with the lightning connector one end and the UBS the other. iKlips is my newest favorite gadget, it amazing, its a [...]

Brain Training with Monclarity

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 A few months ago I tested out a new website - brain training with Monclarity.  Monclarity is a website that claims to strengthen your brain with a series of tests. We can all do with more brain power right - so I signed up right away. MONCLARITY’S MISSION. We are what we think. Your mind is your most important asset, essential to your success in life. It is also the most complex aspect of your being and the one most amenable to change. Monclarity’s mission is to enhance the human mind through neuroscientifically-guided cognitive exercise. Mind with Monclarity Brain Training with Monclarity Monclairy - Trains six cognitive domains of the brain. Attention Memory Visual Awareness Critical Thinking Problem Solving Language Skills Once you have signed up and logged in you are assessed with a series questions to see which program is suited to you best. Its very easy to use and set up. You are given step by step instructions along the way. The brain training is really just like playing games, mentally stimulating games.  The games are very colourful, and visually [...]

Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day

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Lelo, the leading sex toy brand has today released Beyond the Wave - an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine's Day.  This is the first time a sex toy company has released a mainstream movie. Before you dash off thinking this movie is going to be an advert for sex toys and porn its not, so far from it, infact its the complete opposite to what you might expect -  please read on. Beyond the Wave - an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine's Day You could say that Beyond the Wave is a love story but its actually more than that, its deeper. Lelo's intention with this movie is to bring couples closer together on an emotional level.  To remind us how to enrich our relationships even when times are hard and to not take each other for granted.   It shows us how important it is to actually communicate and to spend time with someone and to understand where they are coming from.  Which is rather different to the attention that is focused on BDSM - "Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism" [...]

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