Guide to Personal Branding

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Part of what we do at Fairydust Media is to build personal brands online - we have 5 years experience building brands online - so we thought we give you a short insight or a guide to personal branding to give you some ideas if you are just starting out or you can ask us to help you.  Almost everyone has a personal brand, they are our digital footprints of how we are known to our peers, friends and colleagues. What is Personal Branding Google search your name, how do you think you are perceived from that, what do people think of when they think of your name.   If it is not how you want to be perceived, its time to start being much more strategic about your branding and to start putting some hefty work in to change your digital footprint. Also important is the name you are using, maybe you might need to start using a middle name or just an initial if you have a popular name. Personal Branding is basically marketing yourself as a person. [...]