Cannot connect Kindle to WiFi ?

//Cannot connect Kindle to WiFi ?

Cannot connect Kindle to WiFi ?

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Over the last couple of days I have heard of two friends that have the new Kindle without 3G that won’t connect to their WiFi at home, but strangely do connect with other WiFi’s.  One of these people is very tech savy and has never had a problem before with any wireless devices.

We’ve been searching the internet to find a fix for the problem but as yet have found nothing that works. What we have found is that there are a lot of people having the same problem, and yet some have no problem at all.
I wonder exactly how many people cannot connect the internet via Wifi, its certainly made me think twice about getting a Kindle from Amazon.

There doesn’t appear to be a pattern here either – I.E. it doesn’t seem to be a certain type of router.

I’m hoping its just something simple that we are overlooking and that maybe you can assist.

Please, if you had the same problem and found a solution for this can you put it here, so that it will help my friends and maybe other people that need help.

Update – One of my friends – gave up trying to connect the Kindle to the BT Business hub –  with the original 2Wire firmware on – and as it happens he changed his supplier and is now on SKY – It didn’t work on the auto settings but he changed the channel to number 11 and it now works.  Thought this might help someone.

Thanks  🙂

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  • Matt Gibson

    What type of WiFi is it? The Kindle, for example, doesn't do the latest standard, i.e. 802.11n, so if your router isn't set up to allow earlier, lower-speed clients (802.11g or 802.11b) then the Kindle will _see_ the network, but won't be able to use it. Is your router set to "N only"?

  • Michelle

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for that the comment, I've passed that information along, I'm not sure its helped as yet.

  • Andywillfixit

    I had this problem and changed the router channel down to 7 in case kindle only detected channels in use in the states, kindle found the wifi and connected OK. I talked a friend thru changing the channel over the phone so was unable to inspect Kindle so maybe localisation can be changed to Europe.

  • Greg

    My new Kindle (WiFi + 3G) would not see my network, although had no problem seeing my neighbour’s networks and would happily see and connect to my brothers home network and my girlfriends without any issue. I run a Belkin 802.11n router (running in b,g &n modes). Changed the Channel from 13+9 to 11+7 and it saw it instantly. Then changed again to 10+6, as my neighbour runs his 802.11g router on Channel 7 and I wanted to avoid conflicts. Still visible! With that change the Kindle connects without problem after entering the password. Problem solved!

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