Big boys and their toys.

//Big boys and their toys.

Big boys and their toys.

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Its not just men that like gadgets – I love gadgets, but there does seem to be a difference between men and women gadget lovers.

Men seem to just ‘want’ new gadgets it
doesn’t really matter what it does or if they need it, they just HAVE to have it – I don’t get it.

What is the difference?

For instance – I will ponder about a particular gadget for a long time –

Do I really need it?
Will I get good use out of it?
Can I afford it?
Research – which manufacturers make is the best?
Finally, where is the best and cheapest place to buy it?

Today was a fine example, that men do not use this list –

Exhibit 1

The guys were sitting around wondering what to do on this lovely Sunday afternoon, when suddenly it seemed crucial that they each buy a remote control helicopter.

They were watching helicopter videos on you tube and within one hour like bats out of hell, they drove to the only shop found (on Google) that was open nearby. Soon they were all proud owners of remote control helicopters. Baring in mind the plan was to go kayaking today and they also had their new remote control planes with them to fly – which, incidentally have only been flown on one or two occasions.

They had no idea what make or model they wanted and were obviously not bothered if the shop in the next town would have the same model cheaper tomorrow – it just had to be bought –
right here right now.

I can be impulsive too, yes – it is fun sometimes, but this is an often occurrence.

Exhibit 2 ( a b & c )

Also what happens with these guys is that one of them will acquire a tool, a device or a thingamajig, (it
doesn’t have to be a gadget but a toy of some sort) and then the others will buy it. I am guilty of also sometimes yearning for an item, (what is it? I want one!) But I will wait until my birthday (thanks Dav) or save up to buy it. (This also gives me the time to see how it performs.) Not the guys, no – they get it the following day or at most the next week!

Exhibit 3
The Xbox was a funny story – one of them decided to buy an Xbox 360, he text the guys while he was in the shop and ended up marching out of the shop after purchasing four consoles.

I think perhaps women gadget lovers are just more cautious, we have to more careful with money and gadgets are more a special treat. Where as, to men – the gadget is the most important item – its how they get through their day.

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  • SquirrelQueen

    You summed it up perfectly. If I want a new gadget it could be months before I actually buy it. My hubby and BIL were in a store and saw the remote control helicopters (all guys must want these) and bought two right on the spot.
    It's a guy thing, I'm not sure if we will ever figure this one out.

  • LV

    my ex was the same as you know – he had everything and only used them for a bout 2 seconds before moving on to the next thing. very amusing xx

  • Michelle

    thanks for the comments 🙂 Its true xxx

  • random man

    to be fair, it at least has to have some sort of cool factor….big, small, shiny, or general 'oooh ness' before we rush out and buy one.

    i may have bought a wii one day after work (literally straight after), purely because everyone had one….but that doesn't prove anything 😛

  • Michelle

    hehe thanks random man for you comment, sorry I dind't see this before – love the story about the wii 🙂


  • Dark_Wolf

    I guess I aint your typical man, I dont get gadgets unless I need them & then I research which is the best one for the cheapest price. Heck, I still dont have a LCD HD TV in the Livingroom & wont til my existing TV dies or I move to a place thats smaller & need 1 that takes less room. Dont want an iPhone as my existing mobile is good enough for my needs. Only my PC has been upgraded recently & got bought a nice digital SLR for my birthday. Everything else is over 5 yrs old & will be replaced when they die or needs must!

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