Best Camera N8 or iphone? Who Cares.

//Best Camera N8 or iphone? Who Cares.

Best Camera N8 or iphone? Who Cares.

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There has been a lot of controversy this weekend about which mobile phone has a better camera , or more importantly takes better photographs, namely the Nokia N8 and the Apple iphone. Although its not just now, comparing camera’s on camera phones is always going on, I don’t get it!
If you want a high quality photograph, buy a camera!
As an almost average user, I believe a camera on a mobile phone is just a wonderful added extra, its useful to have if you want to take a shot of where you are to send to your friends or a shot of something funny to post on to Twitter or Facebook.  Those photos do not have to be perfect, those photos just need to be seen.  
I have an iphone and I personally cannot get very good pictures out of it, I’m not that fussed.  I know some people that take brilliant shots using the iphone, I don’t know if they use app’s or Photoshop to make them better but if I want to post something to twitter, its just ready, shoot and send, I’m not concerned enough to mess around making it look better. Its just a snapshot.
Most of this is just about the user, knowing how to get the best out of any camera. Different people get different results with the same camera. 
Lighting hinders my shots, I was trying to get a good shot of a van that someone wants me to draw and the lighting wasn’t right. I took these three pictures with the same phone, in the same place, within 5mins of each other, and look at the difference just because of the lighting.  (These weren’t shopped at all just resized.) So those shots we’ve seen recently comparing camera phones could be affected by light anyway. 
I’m not a photographer, I’m just a happy snapper and sometimes if I do capture a good shot I am pleased and will post it as a good shot here.  I don’t think we should expect the camera phone to take exceedingly high-quality photographs.  I can’t see photographers ever saying “Oh I’ve got my phone that will do to take shots of this wedding.”
Surely if you want to take lots of great photographs of an outing, a holiday or an event you will take a proper camera.
Yes!  It is useful and convenient to have a camera on a mobile phone, as its always there with you, I couldn’t do without it now, I’m not saying I couldn’t. Even though the shots I achieve aren’t great, I’m seriously not that fussed that the megapixels or accuracy, sharpness or colour to be any greater.  (The days are gone when you had really bad, grainy, blurry shots)  I do get an accurate representation of the item photographed which is what I need. When it comes down to it, I wouldn’t buy another phone just because it has a slightly superior camera. I would rather purchase a decent camera. 
Is it that important? What do you think?  A lot of fuss over nothing it seems to me.

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  • Adonis

    Good write-up Michelle.

    Anyone that buys a "phone" mainly on basis of using it's camera is somewhat clueless to what they want.

    The camera race on mobiles came and went, just some companies haven't come to terms with it.

    My Desire has a poor camera, it takes poor shots mostly in light, dark and very good conditions. But it can take OK shots for post processing afterwards, that's another factor; the person behind the lens. A good shot can be obtained from a poor camera and post processing made to look amazing. As can be seen from my collection on my photoblog:

    Pushing the boundaries of mobiles with camera's is good, it's nice to be able to capture a decent picture when out and about, but most of the time camera's on mobiles are not up to par as a proper DSLR.

  • Michelle

    Thanks very much.

    Yes, I am glad you agree – I think most phones have a good enough camera on them now, I'm not sure how much better they can get without phones getting bigger.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • nik sargent

    Hi Michelle,
    that's a very interesting article.
    I'll offer a viewpoint of someone who is photography enthuisiast – I'm not a full time pro photographer, though I do sell my pictures (once in a while 🙂 )..

    I think the reason this debate has hotted up is because camera phones have got to the point where they are serious contenders for high quality photography. The sensor is, of course, only part of the story. In actual fact, for the pro photographer the most important part of the equation is the "glass" (lenses) – which usually cost more than the camera. So, you are right in that we are not really comparing apples with apples…

    So – why the fuss?
    Well, certainly the sensors in today's cameras outperform those of the earlier pro DSLR's. I'm still shooting on a Canon EOS 10D with 6MP sensor. That 6MP is perfectly good enough for pro pictures – and so camera phones are now competing in this same playing field. Better light sensitivity and improved processing algorithms have also raised their game.

    A few years ago I set out to prove (to myself) that a point & shoot digital compact camera could compete with a DSLR at taking juicy, interesting holiday pics. I was right.

    Similarly I have been doing the same with the iPhone 4. It does not, and will never take pictures that compete head on with a pro camera (esp. because of "the glass") and in demanding conditions – but it will take interesting and creative pics, esp. when pics are processed with the vast range of software which you can carry *on-board* (unlike a DSLR)…

    So in that sense it represents a very interesting proposition for portability and mobility to the serious photography hobbyist, semi-pro or artist.. in my humble opinion.

    My iphone 4 pics are here:

  • Michelle

    Wow, thanks very much for that detailed explanation! Very interesting!

    I do believe however that some people like yourself could take great shots with any camera.
    Thanks again :)!

  • Tasha

    I totally agree with you on the camera thing xx

  • Michelle

    Thanks Tasha 🙂 xx

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