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How to add a 7 second looping video as your profile picture on Facebook

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Video on our Facebook profile picture has been with us for a while but since I added a goofy video to my Facebook profile, people have been amazed this was available so I thought I'd quickly tell you How to add a 7 second looping video as your profile picture on Facebook. In 2015 Facebook started rolling out video Facebook pictures, it was actually at the same time that we were able to pin featured photos at the top of our profiles and have temporary profile pics. This was surprisingly also around the time that Snapchat added profile GIFs not that Facebook every copies anyone. I think video profile pictures are really funky idea,  its fun and it gets people to see the real you - its harder to fake a video, well I know you can but it takes a little more effort. So lets get right to it, its so simple you will have wondered why you never did it before. How to add a 7 second looping video as your profile picture on Facebook First of all, [...]

YouTube toughens rules to protect families and kids

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To watch age-restricted videos on YouTube, you must be signed in and have indicated on your profile that you are of legal age to view mature content.   So if you are not logged this means that ideally, you cannot view videos that are age-restricted.  The problem is that first, very young children and families often watch on a logged in trusting parents account or that some videos which are supposed to be family friendly are actually not and these are slipping through the net. (Pun intended) These videos are free for all to see and they are not suitable for kids, some are horrific with millions of views. So, it's about time that YouTube toughens rules to protect families and kids. All this comes after many attacks aimed Google who own YouTube that the site isn't safe for kids and in fact exploiting them.  BuzzFeed even provided Youtube with dozens of examples of videos. Google has started the cleanup and boy do they need one - how many sites are there like the YouTube Channel Toy Freaks which was terminated by Youtube last week - which had a [...]

How to set up Response Assistant on your Facebook Page

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If your Facebook page is really busy and getting lots of comments and messages, you might benefit a chatbot.  Facebook has a free one and this is How to set up response assistant on your Facebook page.    Response assistant will reply to any messages you get, with a message right away telling people you have got the message and you will get back to them right away.  Or in fact, you can put any message that you wish as a response. This will really help if you do get lots of enquires and are struggling to reply to people right away.  Its important to reply as soon as possible, not only does your client expect it but Facebook shows the response time and response rate of pages for all to see.   And this can affect the algorithms make your page seen even less. How to set up response assistant on your Facebook page So, its very simple and in just a few steps you can have your own little bot, answering messages for you. I am not a bot lover, I like [...]

Why do we have 280 Characters on Twitter #280characters

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People are asking -  Why do we have 280 Characters on Twitter ?  I for one liked that Twitter had a restriction to 140 characters.  It has always meant you can click to see more if you want to but you could scroll through quickly to see if there was anything you wanted to read. So, finally, Twitters #280characters is here It seems everyone is either very angry or very hyper and silly - there are tweets just full of emojis or lots of one word or just nonsense. Yesterday at 9pm Twitter tweeted We're expanding the character limit! We want it to be easier and faster for everyone to express themselves. And all of a sudden it seemed that everyone was given 280 characters, which we thought was strange as usually this sort of thing is rolled out - although I did here one ONE person who said they didn't have the new longer tweets. Why do we have 280 Characters on Twitter Back in September Twitter had a test, where they expanded the 140 limit because they wanted [...]

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