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How to use Facebook Live to promote your business

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You might have seen people using Facebook live and you are wondering how they do it, or you are wondering How to use Facebook Live to promote your business. Using Facebook Live to promote your business is one of the best things to do on Facebook right now. Most of your friends are visiting Facebook daily looking at their feed to see what is going on.  It's a well-known fact, that Facebook's algorithm gives preference to Live Video. Well, they would do wouldn't they, it's theirs and they want people to use it.  They see Facebook live as content that is different from normal videos. And unless people turn off Facebook live notifications (sorry) people will see your Facebook live videos in their feed, there is no doubt about that.  Facebook Live is a great way to connect to your audience, to market your business and basically get yourself known. People seem to love video, and they love live streaming,  so they want to watch it, they want to see you, to see who you are, and if they watch, like or [...]

Are these website errors costing your business HITS!!

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We are often asked to review websites for customers, to find out exactly why the website isn't getting any hits.  This usually means the website is not being found on Google search or other search engines because of website errors.  It's easy to find out if you have website errors costing your business hits. With the holiday season coming up fast for e-commerce businesses it's even more important that these websites are fully optimized. Not being found on Google or being on page 10 and having pages that load slow, is not going to help business.  First people have to be able to find you and secondly they need to want to stay on your site. Slow load pages, prevent customers sticking around.   Also, bear in mind that increased traffic can cause your website to crash if you aren't prepared. With the holiday season coming up fast for e-commerce businesses it's even more important that these websites are fully optimized. Not being found on Google and having pages that load slow, is not going to help business.  First people have to be [...]

5 Best Apps for Creating Social Media Designs

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I thought it would be helpful to let you know my best apps for creating social media designs. We used to have to struggle through with photoshop or illustrator or hire our own graphics designer but all that is very expensive for most people.   And there are actually a few ways which are cheap or even free for you to create images for social media without any design skills, whatsoever. Everyone is always asking me how to create great images for social media accounts or their content strategy. It might be that you need a Twitter header Facebook header Graphics for quotes Images for Instagram Images for posts on Pinterest Blog post title images Images for within the blog post There are a number of reasons to create your own images for social media or websites. And the apps make it easy to keep your branding by using your businesses colours, designs, fonts, and logos. They make creating social media designs simple as pie. Best Apps for Creating Social Media Designs The first one is one of my all time [...]

Prepare your Website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Many businesses are gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday as it is a very profitable time of year for online businesses. With Christmas following soon after this time of year provides some businesses with 40% of their yearly revenue. Its a very exciting time and businesses are rushing like crazy to get their promotions and ads out there. Its a very exciting time and businesses are rushing like crazy to get their promotions and ads out there. So we thought now would be a good time to let you know....... "How to prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday." @michelledh Black Friday and Cyber Monday For those are still confused at the terms, Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving in the United States and it was created to persuade people to shop for fashion online. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving and signifies the start of Christmas shopping season, in Philadelphia, which would bring lots of traffic, queues and mobbed stores.  Black Friday is now associated with sales in technology, games, small appliances, [...]

Innovative Networking app for Business Professionals – a must have!

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The newly launched Causr app is an innovative Networking app for Business Professionals because it uses location to find business people to network with, it doesn't matter where you are and what you are doing, you can always find someone. Causr, was created by James Eder Founder of and Co-founder of The Bean Group. James thought that technology could help tempt fate to connect people who might usually not get the chance to meet otherwise.  Anything is possible with the technology available to us now, and he's proved that with this app. Networking on the go Creating a network of like-minded business professionals is one of the best things to do for your business.  You can share information, ask for help, help others and develop a meaningful list of professional or business contacts. Most of us will already have one or more networks of people who we connect with on various platforms, Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or maybe even Whatsapp groups or another networking app for business professionals. However, the difference with the app Causr is that it enables users to make [...]

This Platform Actually Schedules and Posts Instagram Updates

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This platform schedules Instagram updates quickly and simply, directly from your PC.   We have lots of platforms who claim they schedule Instagram posts but in reality, most of them don't. What happens is, the tool only allows you to upload your images and schedule them but they don't post them for you.  These tools can only remind you of your scheduled time so that you open Instagram and post it yourself. Which might be of some help to people but it's not much use for most of us especially those who work in social media management. Most of the problem is that Instagram was designed as a mobile app and they want it to stay that way. So there are or have been in the past certain restrictions.  They don't want you to download pictures from the internet and post them on your feed, they want real-time updates. It's all in the name Instant Gram these are supposed to be real pictures which you have just taken to show to the word.  However, we want to share images from our holidays that [...]

Beware – Facebook Video Scam using Google Chrome

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There another Facebook video scam doing the rounds. This Facebook Scam uses Google Chrome to attack your account and send spam to your friends. How do I know this, because I got caught (I am ashamed to say) yes, after warning you all of this very same thing, over and over. I clicked the link not thinking it could be unsafe, just not thinking on a Sunday morning.  This just shows you how easy it is to get caught out, because I think everything is a scam ! I was having a conversation with a friend over a delicate health matter, and she sent me a video, it just appeared like the above. I just thought she had got fed up with typing.  So I clicked the link, it wanted me to add an extension to watch it.  Crazy, me didn't think much of it, because she uses a lot of different platforms that I might not know. However, after I added the extension it didn't work, I thought OH DEAR!  I looked at it more closely saw that the URL [...]

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