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Talkwalker – A Unique Social Media Listening Tool

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Over the past few weeks, I've been delving into a new tool - well new to me, called Talkwalker - A Unique Social Media Listening Tool.   With its multiple social data intelligence features Talkwalker  could be useful for not only Brands to listen to what people are saying about them or find out what their competitors are doing but also for companies who need to do research for marketing campaigns.  Or for instance find reach on  hashtags or information about products or even for bloggers who need to find out information about their own niche.   Basically, anything that is being talked about online you can find out about and discover really in-depth information with this tool. What is Talkwalker Talkwalker is really more than a social media listening tool - it is a leading European social data intelligence platform.  What can I say, it is huge, its a social media listening tool, analytics platform, sm monitoring tool plus more which is all intermingled to produce almost never-ending results. Talkwalker was founded in 2009 by Trediction a company that is based in [...]

How to get a custom URL for YouTube 2016

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When setting up your social media accounts, one of the most important assets you can have for your business is your own custom URL or Vanity URL.  These URLs will have your brand name (user name) in them and will establish your brand presence and brand recognition, also custom URL's are great for SEO. For instance They should, of course, be all the same user name or at least as close as you can get it, and the shorter the better.   Some social networks are harder to get than others especially if they are more popular and YouTube has its own restrictions too as you will see. Be sure also to get it right the first time, as some networks also do not allow you to change the custom URL once it is set up. How to get a custom URL for YouTube 2016 Sign in to YouTube Click on the Cog near your profile image - YouTube Settings In the overview click on advanced Under "Channel settings", select the link to claim your custom URL. In the [...]

Social Media Potential for B2B Businesses

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We previously shared infographic by Real Business Rescue regarding How B2B businesses are handling Social Media .  Real Business Rescue have now have created a new infographic to show the Social Media Potential for B2B businesses. (Business to Business) we'd like to share. In this infographic we can see the benefits for B2B business in social media. It shows that over half of all business will generate leads and connections using social media. The sheer reach of social media proves that Social Media or Digital Marketing should be in B2B businesses budgets.  It shows the monthly active users for the most popular social networks with Instagram being the leader for growth in 2015. Social Media Potential for B2B Businesses   Source: The Potential of Social Media for B2B in 2016 Some really promising interesting facts in this infographic, collected from lots of great sources.  It interestingly shows the statistics to how images and video are so important to your social media strategy. We have some more blog posts that might help you with images  in blog posts, 24tips for Writing [...]

Simple Music Player for People with Alzheimers

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My dad has suffered with memory problems for many years, and as a tech geek we have found it hard to find tech equipment easy enough to use to feed his tech addition - until he was diagnosed with Alzheimers I'd not thought to look on the Alzheimers Society website, and there we found this Simple Music Player for people with Alzheimers. Ever since I was a kid a loved the stuff my dad had, he had a thirst for knowledge and technology that he has passed down to me - first, it was all of the huge dictionaries and then the full set of Britannica Encyclopedia that he owned which were always open and used, not just sat on the shelf collecting dust. I remember the very exciting time in the 90's when he got his first computer and we found that you could get the encyclopedias on CD-ROM, which now is only available digitally.  A sad story actually - because then came the internet where you could find out anything you wanted to know about on the web, but that's another [...]

How to stop Whatsapp Automatically Saving Photos

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People are often finding themselves with no storage space on their iPhones because Whatsapp automatically saves all media sent to you (or to a group) in your iPhone, so one of the first questions Whatsapp users ask is... How to stop Whatsapp automatically saving photos to their phones Whatsapp is a very popular messaging app with over one billion users, so you might have heard of it.  They recently upped their security by adding End to End Encryption, so that has made it even more popular.  If you aren't using it already, you possibly might do at some point in time, if so you might need this information.  So many people on Whatsapp are always asking how to stop Whatsapp from saving photos to the iPhone camera roll automatically. When people first get on to Whatsapp they always scream about all the photos, videos and other media that is now on their iPhone or any phone,to be honest, (it's not just an iPhone problem, it's actually a default setting on Whatsapp) especially if they are in a lively group, who share lots [...]

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