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So, what is app

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This word is popping up all over the place lately - you might be thinking, what is  If you have teenagers you probably already know what is. has had exponential growth in the past 12 months, probably mostly amongst teenagers  and is one of the top 20 apps in the free iPhone app chart with already more than 60 million users. is a mobile social network that centers around music and videos - it's basically a lipsync video creator with a social network.  From what we can find out - Musically was founded around 2 years ago by Alex Zhu and Luyau Yang as an engagement and promotion platform for entertainers. Even though does have the added social network the closest app we could liken to would be the hit app Dubsmash which has been used by many performers and artists, which looks on last count to have 75 million users - so is catching up fast! We know the power of video and imagery on social media,  especially with the younger generation, who love a selfie [...]

Beware – iPhone Apple ID text message scam

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It seems that hackers are trying to get hold of your Apple ID via a phishing scam sent via text messaging - it appears there are two different types of text messages being sent out. Users on social networks are asking "Are these text messages real?"  The scam Apple messages look like they are from Apple themselves - they use carefully constructed wording and URLS to fool us into thinking they are legitimate. iPhone Apple ID text message scam One message is like this The Apple ID associated with this number is due to be terminated. To prevent this please confirm your details at - - Apple Inc The other message is more sneaky and actually quotes your name <your name> your Apple ID is due to expire today.  To prevent termination confirm your details at - Apple Support. This one would probably trick more people as it looks very real especially because it uses your name. The links they use also look quite real, but of course they are not, they take you to a fake website [...]

How to increase engagement with prospects and influencers

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The key to engagement on social networks is to connect with relevant people. If you are following or have people following you that aren't within your niche you will never have anything in common and therefore you will not get engagement on your networks. So, we thought we'd show you how to increase engagement with prospects and influencers just by using Thryyve to find people that match your criteria. What and Who are Thryyve Thryyve is a free social media discovery tool.  It has a very clever search engine that searches for keywords used on Twitter and Facebook that are important to you. The Start-up team of 5/6 people are based in Loughborough, Leicestershire in the United Kingdom. They are from a Start-Up Incubator at Loughborough University called The Advance Technology and Innovation Centre. ATIC is a brand new building specifically designed to meet the evolving needs of early stage to larger SMEs. The centre is comprised of 54 business units and offers a range of workspace including; offices, labs and studios. The guys are constantly working to improve the platform and [...]

End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private

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End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private - Whatsapp today have stepped up their privacy game by adding end-to-end encryption - it was one factor that was leaving them behind in the communication race with many other apps such as Telegram and Skype already using this method of secure communication. What is end to end encryption (E2EE) Whatspp end-to-end encryption was developed in collaboration with Open Whisper Systems. What it actually means is that no one - apart from who you allow - can read your chat or listen to your phone calls via WhatsApp - not hackers, cyber criminals, an internet service provider, government or indeed any other third party.  What they call cryptographic keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the messages. Basically all messages, documents, photos, videos, voice messages  are secured with a lock and key, and no one else can get your secret number unless you allow it. End-to-end encryption makes communication on WhatsApp finally private The absence of end to end encryption hasn't prevented the hoards of people using Whatsapp and signing up - with something like [...]

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