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Who unfollowed me on Instagram

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Instagram made some changes to the desktop application today. You can click on the heart button to see who has liked and commented on your posts and you can reply right from there, which is pretty handy.  But what they still haven't done is to add a followers button, like we have on the app.  Also, there is no way on either the phone app or the desktop platform for you to see if you are being followed reciprocally.  There are a number of ways to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram though. Who unfollowed me on Instagram There are a number of ways I can find out who unfollowed me on Instagram if my follower count suddenly drops.  Sadly people just follow you to get more followers and then they unfollow you so they have a larger follower to followed ratio, so I like to catch those people out and unfollow them too.  I do follow people that don't follow me, it's just those annoying users that are just following you to get you to follow back.  Its rather [...]

Twitter for Windows 10

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Twitter has been making some more updates for Twitter for Windows 10 recently Twitter for Windows 10 on Desktop Last year Twitter created Twitter for windows for people using Windows 10 on PCs and Tablets.  The Twitter app was redesigned especially for Windows 10, which if you haven't tried, it is really cool. If you don't use something like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to manage multiple accounts this is actually the next best thing because if you do have more than one twitter account you can instantly switch between accounts like you do on a mobile, without having to log in and out again.  As it happens Tweetdeck for Windows is being shut down anyway in April but you can still use the web version via the Chrome extension. With Windows 10 for desktop you can also see latest tweets by just looking at your start menu tiles depending on what account you were most recently logged into.  And recently Twitter have added the dark theme so now it looks really cool too.  If you have Twitter for Windows 10 just [...]

The Free Windows 10 Desktop Screen Recorder

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I think most people by now should have upgraded to Windows 10 but many people still don’t realise that Windows 10 comes with its very own screen recording software.  This video capture tool was seemingly designed for recording Xbox games streamed on a PC but you can use it to record your own computer screen activity.  So, if you want a simple, free image and screen capture tool and you have Windows 10 you have one already. Who knew! Windows 10 Desktop Screen Recorder The screen recording tool in Windows 10 is pretty much hidden if you don't use the Xbox app because it was meant for recording games and it's actually part of the Xbox app. So, to use the screen recording tool you will need to open the Xbox App and keep it running in the background. (First, you'll need to find the Xbox App if you've never used it, you may have it in your start menu or you can just search for it) Then all you need to do is to press the Windows Key and the G [...]

Guide to Personal Branding

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Part of what we do at Fairydust Media is to build personal brands online - we have 5 years experience building brands online - so we thought we give you a short insight or a guide to personal branding to give you some ideas if you are just starting out or you can ask us to help you.  Almost everyone has a personal brand, they are our digital footprints of how we are known to our peers, friends and colleagues. What is Personal Branding Google search your name, how do you think you are perceived from that, what do people think of when they think of your name.   If it is not how you want to be perceived, its time to start being much more strategic about your branding and to start putting some hefty work in to change your digital footprint. Also important is the name you are using, maybe you might need to start using a middle name or just an initial if you have a popular name. Personal Branding is basically marketing yourself as a person. [...]

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