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How to Sort out your Awful Facebook News Feed

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Is your Facebook Feed full of selfies and baby pictures, when really you'd like to see more of a different subject or topic - maybe you like to see news reports or items about what's new in the social media world.  I often hear people saying I have a load of rubbish in my facebook feed, so I wanted to share with you - How to Sort out your Facebook News Feed Facebooks algorithms are the most confusing algorithms on social media. We think that we want our Facebook timelines just to be everything that is posted but we probably don't actually so Facebook sorts it all out for us (thanks) and shows us what they think we want to see the most.  And yet because we are kind and maybe liking things that we don't really like our timelines or news feeds suffer and end up full of selfies and baby pictures or cat videos.  (Unless that's what you want to see, we don't judge you .. much) How to Sort out your Facebook News Feed You are what [...]

More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner

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Many people struggle with Facebook engagement, whether it be on their own profile or their Facebook page and we heard big claims that you can get more Facebook engagement with PostPlanner, so we set out to test it. It takes time to build up a good following on Facebook - and it takes time to find high-quality visual content to share on your Facebook pages, especially non-copyrighted visual content, This is where PostPlanner steps in, they have reams of content right there on your homepage for you to choose. More Facebook Engagement with PostPlanner PostPlanner have been around for around 3 years now, but if you don't know about it - here is a little taster! You can sign up to a have a free account but you are extremely limited to what you can share, and its really not worth it.  However, the price plans start at just £7 per month so you can start with this to see what you think and then just upgrade if you wish.  You can also pay monthly or yearly which is cheaper - this is [...]

How to add multiple instagram accounts

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We've been waiting and waiting and finally, you can add multiple Instagram accounts to your phone - we actually thought it would be just two accounts you could use but you can add 5 Instagram accounts, and you can quickly switch between them without having to log out. We thought you might need to know How to add multiple Instagram accounts If you didn't know already - Instagram is a mobile photo sharing application, where you can post videos and photos and share them with your followers, whether they are friends of family or you can share them publically. You also have the option to share these images to your other social networks from the app too. More than one Instagram Account For people with more than one Instagram account - for instance, one for business and one for pleasure - or even social media managers with many clients this is going to be a godsend, we know from personal experience, the pain of having to log in and out of accounts. To be able to add more than one Instagram [...]

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