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The new Twitter rules to fight abusive behaviour

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Twitter haven't done very well of late - protecting users from abuse, harassment - trolls, bullies cyber stalkers and cyber bullies hiding behind so called freedom of speech.  The use of Freedom of speech or expression can go both ways, trolls think that they have the right to say what they like with freedom of expression but no, they cannot.  Twitter say they want to protect our freedom of expression, which means that we can say what we like as long as it's not abusive or intimidating to others, without fear. How are they doing that? - well, this week Twitter have updated their rules to fight abusive behaviour and hateful conduct. At last. The new Twitter rules to fight abusive behaviour In a recent blog post - Twitter announced that the Twitter rules will now include that Twitter will not tolerate behaviour that is intended to harass other users, which include intimidation and using fear so people feel they cannot speak up.   I don't know if you have ever felt that - that you cannot say something innocent for fear [...]

Facebook Hoax – Mark Zuckerberg IS NOT giving you money.

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So this Facebook Hoax has been going around a while now and I just feel I need to inform you - that it is a Facebook Hoax - Mark Zuckerberg is not giving you money. I don't think he would even be happy that his original message for his daughter his now being used by users to spam other users with a hoax. We have seen so many of these over the years, I thought we could recognise them by now  - Free Oakleys - Gold Membership - Switch to Pink and the list goes on. Facebook Hoax - Mark Zuckerberg is not giving you money Okay this one doesn't harm us really but its gone viral because people keep sharing it saying - it can't hurt.  Yes, it can, it might make people mute you. It started off as THANK YOU, MARK ZUCKERBERG, for your forward-thinking generosity! And congrats on becoming a dad! Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he is giving away $45 billion of Facebook stock. What you may not have heard is that he plans to give 10% of [...]

Make More Money with New Influencer Tools from Webfluential

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I recently wrote about Webfluential connecting Brands to influencers,  now there is an exciting new update. Webfluential has launched some new influencer tools to help influencers stand out to brands more so that we can monetise our blogs and social profiles. New Influencer Tools from Webfluential The new influencer tools from Webfluential include marketing features like the New Media Kit and Webfluential Accredited Assets. Plus,  even more ways to show what you can do to help Brands and so earn more money:- Content Writing Event Appearance Display Media Audience Remarketing Invite and earn Soon Webfluential will be adding other features like a Book Me widget which influencers can place on their own website so that Brands can directly book them from their contact page. What it means for Influencers Basically, it means that influencers can make themselves stand out more - look more interesting - be more available to make more money on blogs and social media networks. How exactly is this possible with the new Iinfluencer tools from Webfluential .... Media Kit More visibility - As influencers we started off by [...]

My First 3 Months with the GoPro Hero4 Silver

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My First Three Months with a GoPro Hero4 Silver hasn't gone too well.  Or should I say WITHOUT the GoPro Hero4 Silver.  I would have thought by now, I'd have a great review for you with videos and images for you to gasp and delight at but no, sadly, we have hardly even touched the GoPro Hero 4 Silver camera GoPro Hero 4 Silver I found a company online called SLR HUT offering some great prices for bundles of the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.  A sports bundle, an outdoor kit, many types of accessory bundles with everything you might need to get going, and the price so much cheaper than elsewhere.  I was a little concerned, because you know you don't get something for nothing - but could find no valid reasons not to buy from them, and the bundle seemed just so handy. Many sites had people asking if anyone had bought from SLR HUT, some reviews good and some bad, mostly people just suspicious of them as the prices are so cheap. I also read on various networks that the site [...]

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