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What is Chromecast Audio

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We all know about the Google Chromecast which allows you to stream media to your TV, well now Google have a new device called Chromecast Audio.  What is Chromecast Audio I hear you asking - well, I was recently asked to test this new device out and you know how much I love a new gadget, and music so here is what I found out. What is Chromecast Audio The Chromecast Audio is a cute but powerful little device that allows you to stream music from your phone to any speaker in your home over WiFi - without the need for Bluetooth or pairing.  What makes it super cool is that its so much cheaper than a Bluetooth speaker and the quality is much better.  Although I have to say the Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Inatech is a powerful little Bluetooth speaker with little distortion which is also on sale right now.    However, this device is great if you have some awesome speakers already in the house and at very little cost you can cast music from your phone or even your [...]

What is Notify App – From Facebook

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In was in the news yesterday that Facebook introduced Notify App - So Whats is Notify App - From Facebook?  -  Notify is the latest app from Facebook which looks a lot like a twitter feed.  Notify consolidates all of the news notifications and alerts on your phone which you can view in a stream on your lock screen. Can you get Notify app? - only if you are in the US at the moment as sadly it appears to be not available in the UK yet, so its rolling out gradually. What is Notify App? Its in the name, its a notification app - Notify gives you a personalised mix of notifications by selecting the things that you are interested in.  So if you want the breaking news, upto date weather, latest football scores, you can get them automagically on your screen. if you like notifications instead of having to search for your favorite things then this app is for you. You can choose subjects from categories (which they call stations) such as News Sports Music Business Entertainment Politics Then you [...]

Telegram Chat App – Why is it different

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Wow, there are so many chat apps, but recently I came across the Telegram Chat App again while watching Disrupt the Techcrunch event and found out why it is so different. I've not really been a huge fan of the chat apps that are emerging, preferring to use Skype, Twitter and other social networks to connect to people. However recently I've been using Whatsapp more again after getting fed up with the spam and also Slack App which is more like Discord where you find that many gamers using as it has voice chat -  although comparing these apps now would be a whole new blog post. Telegram was founded and launched by Nikolai and Pavel Durov in 2013. Nikolai and Pavel also the founders of the Russian social network VK - VKontakte the largest European social network, which was sold recently.  Telegram chat app - why is it different. Encryption and privacy... Telegram is a Pro-privacy secure messaging app. It is cloud-based and prides its self on its privacy capabilities and its multi-platform availability with steamless sync - I've said it before, but everything should [...]

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