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Windows 10 changed date format on Excel

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Having recently installed Windows 10 on my main PC I hadn't had many problems.  Until I went to use some previously created Microsoft EXCEL documents. It was then I noticed that Windows 10 had completely changed the date format on Excel from English UK to American US date format. So instead of showing dd/mm/yyyy it shows the US version mm/dd/yyyy on all of my Excel Documents. Thankfully there is an easy solution - which is to install the "English (United Kingdom)" language pack. It sounds crazy that we have to do that - but it saves having to alter the cells on all of our documents and its quick and easy to do. Windows 10 changed date format on Excel Don't Panic Its easy to change all of your documents back to UK date format on Excel First go to Control Panel in Windows 10 Set the view to small icons so that you can see the folders Click - Language You will see English US highlighted Click - English UK Download and Install Click - Yes Go back to the Control Panel click MOVE UP on the UK [...]

Virgin Media Fastest Broadband: why are people reporting 3mbs download speeds?

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I'm very confused, if its true that Virgin Media are the fastest broadband supplier, why are people reporting 3mbs download speeds?  I personally am getting this problem - I pay for 100mbs broadband and for a while now I've been getting from 3mbs - 70mb through out the day - and really only after about Midnight does it go back up to 100 consistently - of course which is great as that's bedtime. Virgin Media told me this is due to traffic, basically there are too many people using Virgin Media and they are having problems fixing it.   They also said its only in peak times but this isn't true, its all day long that speeds are bad but it is guaranteed to get worse at around 7pm onwards. This example of my speedtest is from 2pm - no not as bad as some that I get with 3mbs download and 200+ ping but bad enough. 2PM Virgin Media say that, the problem is in my area, and work has to be done with a box (assume exchange) which can't be completed until [...]

Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit

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Do you use TrueTwit?  Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit?  If you use Twitter you will probably have heard of TrueTwit which calls itself a validation account. That must be harmless enough you think? All you want to do is protect yourself from unsavory followers. As you know I usually like to support games and apps with a mention and to help you, my readers know whats out there, what is new and what is great to use or play.  I realise that anything that is created is someones hard work and that they think its great. TrueTwit clearly think they are great but there are many people being annoyed by how it works, maybe they might think about changing how they do things. Are you a Twit for using TrueTwit You might be thinking what is a Twit, is that a good thing? It could be that Twit may be just an English word - so I shall explain the definition of the word Twit Full Definition of TWIT :  a silly annoying person :  fool What exactly is [...]

SumoRank – Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement

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Today there was a new launch from BuzzSumo - SumoRank - Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement. Matthew from BuzzSumo said today that together with Buffer (One of our top five tools), BuzzSumo analyzed 500 million Facebook posts to discover key strategies so that you can improve your Facebook engagement by analyzing what performs best for others.  What a fantastic idea! We looked at how you can increase engagement in our last post about PostPlanner, and were keen to test SumoRank out also. SumoRank - Analyze Facebook Pages to Improve your Own Engagement The great thing about SumoRank  is that you can put in any Facebook page to analyze how they are getting views and what their most popular day is, to see how you can be doing things better.  We decided to nip over to check on PostPlanners Facebook page. The information supplied on the first page is Most Popular Post Type - Image Category Sumo Rank - #170 Most Popular Day - Saturday (this was interesting as that came up on a few pages we tested) Most [...]

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