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WhatsApp Finally on PC for iPhone iOS

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After using WhatsApp again after having it for over 3 years and I am relieved that WhatsApp is finally on PC for iPhone iOS.   WhatsApp is fab when you are mobile to have on the iPhone. However its so much easier to use the on the PC when you are working with every other network (Apart from Instagram) on your computer. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that lets you send and receive SMS messages without paying. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia, all these devices can communicate with one another! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the data plan you already have to email and internet, there is no additional cost for sending messages and keep in touch with friends. When I started using Whatsapp again everyone said, you can have Whatsapp on your computer now, its brilliant - but low and behold - not for iPhone, iOs you couldn't, this feature has been available for Android for 6 months and its taken that long to get it working with Apple phones. WhatsApp Finally on PC for iPhone iOS I can not tell you [...]

How to remove multiple entries of local disc on iPhone iOS8

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It seemed that when I transferred my photos from my phone using Windows 7 explorer that I would get more and more Local disc entries on my phone - so I set about finding out -  How to remove multiple entries of Local disc on iPhone iOS8 These little files are just annoying little icons they don't really take up much space just 0.4kbs per item but when  you start to get loads I guess its a waste of space. I really don't know why the Local disc icons are created in DCIM sub-folders on the iPhone but there they are. That is beyond my Techieminx ability :)  But they are annoying to get rid of it seems you can't just delete them using the PC. How to remove multiple entries of local disc on iPhone iOS8 My folders ended up looking like this..   The solution is pretty simple - all you need to go is to go to your iPhone Settings Find and tap Safari Tap Advanced Tap Website Data And scroll though these until  you find items like These [...]

Its a world of instant communication – is this good or bad

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Today I feel like a ramble, its often brought to my attention that I am an online communication junkie. Luckily my obsession has long been taken care of by my even more obsessive communicator, my best friend, cousin and now colleague. Phone calls and Text - not sure if the text came first I think its probably the fondly remembered faxes we used to send each other - reams of it a day - then thank god then came the internet. Emails would fly back and forth all day long, how we ever got any work done I'm not sure - we have calmed down a little bit now as after 20 years the novelty wore off a little. Then I found live chat - in the form of IRC chat rooms, I was hooked. An instant response from many people, I loved it. Then came more accepted chatrooms and Social Media which we can now have all on our mobile phones everyday. Its a world of instant communication - is this good or bad I get a big kick out [...]

Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media

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Juggling social media accounts and different networks can be a daunting and expensive affair for some - so we have put together our top 5 free tools for social media. You don't need to spend lots of money on loads of tools for social media - remember that its best to be you, be real and be there.  To much automation is not social.  The tools we have selected are the simplest and the easiest to use and won't make you look like a robot online. All networks require different things so its good to be armed with a few free tools to help you. Most of these tools to offer more services if you pay but for the most part the free options work very well. Our Top 5 Free Tools for Social Media Canva - We love Canva - as it is free unless you use some of their own images - we have been using it from day one. What is Canva? - Canva allows you to create social media graphics, design presentations, cover pictures and more. [...]

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