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How Does Google Work

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Most of us use Google every day but sometimes we ask the question How does Google work really - how on earth does it find the answers to our many questions so quickly. We might just put in a few words, not even something that makes much sense but Google works its magic and within seconds we have our answer. We often wonder how we ever managed without Google, searching through books for our answers, which could take days. Now we need the information, right here, right now - and Google never disappoints, we almost always find the answer we were looking for. We search on Google over 100 billion times every month and Google has recently created an expansion of Google Trends you can can every look at now, what are the most popular searches on Google. Although Google may seem like magic to us mere mortals, because its so so simple to use. However it actually has many different algorithms and uses hundreds of variables to find what you need. Its so complex to explain but quicksprout has [...]

How to use the Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool

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In an attempt to make Twitter safer for its users - there is now the Twitter Advanced Blocking Tool.   All it is really is a way to share block lists on Twitter. We can't see this helping to stop the Twitter Trolls but at least it is a step in the right direction. Twitter do realise that we need much more sophisticated tools than this, and promise they are looking into it. How to block a Twitter user Go to their profile page Click the gear icon Select Block from the drop down menu And confirm. What it means to block a user on Twitter You cannot follow each other Tweets do not appear in each others timelines You cannot Direct Message each other They cannot add you to lists or tag you in a photo You will not receive notifications where  account you have blocked mentions you. (Which is one reason a troll might block you, so they can continue tweeting about you) If someone else in your timeline mentions the blocked account you will still see this. The user [...]

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free

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How to upgrade to windows 10 for free?  Have you clicked the upgrade button for Windows 10 yet, if you haven't I think you should - as Microsoft say that this offer won't last forever, you only have a year to take advantage of the offer, and  who knows they might change their minds, so get it now. As long as you have Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and reserve your copy you will get the full upgrade for free, as soon as it is launched on the 29th of July. This upgrade is a full version of Windows 10 not the trial and will last forever on the device you have upgraded only - you don't have to pay next year or ever. Note that if you have more than one device such as a PC, laptop and a tablet you will need to reserve a copy on each device. How to upgrade to Windows 10 for free? Just to go the Windows 10 upgrade page - Click on the small Windows icon found at the right end of the [...]

The Top How To Searches on Google

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As my "How To" blogs always seem get a lot of interest from Google searches - I thought I'd try to find out The top how to searches on Google. So, I hoped over to Google Tops trends, which shows you the most searched items of 2014. Google tells us we searched trillions of times in 2014! How fascinating is that!  Its hard to imagine now, what we did before Google, we would have to look in a book, buy a book or even go to the library to look up the information we needed. Or if it was something more technical such as How to make a professional animated video  or a problem on social networks (which I realise we didn't have back then) such as How to review and remove Facebook apps you might just hire someone to do that for you. You can basically find out how to do practically anything on Google web search or any search engine actually. In the past I've searched for things like how to replace an iPhone screen or how to replace a laptop hard drive and been able [...]

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