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Microsoft Lumia 435 – Budget Phone for Kids

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I recently tested out a Microsoft Lumia 435 from Connects and I was shocked that it is classed as a budget phone and it just has to be the best budget phone for kids.  It has everything and more that they could want on a phone and you can save yourself a quite few pounds in the meantime. There is always a big debate about whether or not kids should have smartphones and at what age, I personally would not spent a lot of money on a phone for a child or even a young teenager.  You know what they are like, they will lose it, break it or have it stolen. And even if you have insurance its very upsetting, so its worth checking out the budget phones. Budget Phone for kids The Microsoft Lumia 435 is just that - when you first pick it up you instantly feel that its strong and study due to its thickness which is 11.7mm and weight which is 134.1 g , no I didn't do the drop test, but I think it would withstand some abuse. [...]

How to Hard Reset the Microsoft Lumia 435

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I was recently given a Lumia 435 to trial from Connects (previously 1000 Heads) and as always I needed instructions on How to Hard Reset the Microsoft Lumia 435, so that I could remove all of my content, before I sent it back.  This can vary from phone to phone, usually is the same with a manufacturer but its been a while since I had a Nokia / Microsoft phone to play with. Acutally I believe the last one that I reviewed is the Nokia Lumia 900 although I did trial another when I was thinking of switching from Apple. I'm not to go into the details of the Microsoft Lumia 435 trial right now, that's for another post, but I just thought some people might find this information useful. The first is a Factory reset and the second is the Hard reset - The difference is that a factory reset is rebooting the entire system -  and a hard reset resets all of the hardware in the system. There is a whole website dedicated to explaining the difference - please check it out. Difference between Factory Reset [...]

Road Tax Email Scam

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When you are about to renew the tax on your car - watch out for the new Road Tax Email Scam. The scammers this time appear to be taking advantage of people being confused about the changes to the UK vehicle tax disc and the fact that you no longer need to display the paper tax disc. Road Tax Email Scam Click to Tweet: Road Tax Email Scam The Phishing scam email, seems to come from official sources at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and they try to get you to give over your bank details.  Of course the DVLA would never ask for your bank details in an email. Phishing - as in fishing for confidential information The scam email claims that you are owed a discount from a previous vehicle tax disc that you had paid for then gives you a link to go to so that you can verify your credit card or bank details in to get a refund. The DVLA strongly advise you to ignore the email and delete it, if you are at all concerned go to the [...]

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