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Buffer adds Scheduling for Pinterest

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We love Buffer and we love Pinterest - and after many requests from users, today Buffer adds scheduling for Pinterest.  This is going to please many Buffer/ Pinterest users - but only the users that pay for "Awesome",  Those with the freebie accounts can only try it out for seven days. Pinterest, if you don't know is a popular free website with around 70 million users according to - On Pinterest people create Pin-boards to upload, save, manage and share images we love, called "pins".  Because of the increasingly visual world we live in, users including many brands and marketers are finding numerous ways to use Pinterest. Buffer adds Scheduling for Pinterest You can already start Buffering your pins right this minute, all you need to do is to go to your Buffer account. On the bottom of the left Click Connect more Click Connect Pinterest or Try Pinterest for 7 days and then Connect. Log in to Pinterest (If you are already logged in it will directly go to..) Click Authorise App Now you can schedule your pins using Buffer. How to schedule your pins using [...]

How to Remove Yourself as Admin on WordPress

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So you want to know how to remove yourself as admin on WordPress blogs - you'd think this would be simple but as I found out there are couple of extra steps you need to do before you can just remove yourself as a WordPress user on a blog if you set it up. How to Remove Yourself as Admin on Wordpress You might want to do this if you set up a blog on your WordPress account for someone else - or as a joint venture and now you want the other people or person to be admin or even owner of the WordPress blog. First then you need to have other users listed as admins on the blog. If you haven't already then you need to go to Users Add New User Put in their email and wait for them to respond. Next you need to change all of the posts that are authored by you to the new person. You can do this by going to Posts Click your Author Name Click the Title box Click Edit Click [...]

How to use Twitter Lists – Twitter Tips

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It appears that many people aren't making use of the lists on Twitter because basically they don't know how to use Twitter Lists or why they would need to. People love lists - we love to make lists - on Twitter you can create lists of special people so that you can connect, watch, moderate just those certain people. Twitter lists can enhance your user experience on Twitter.  Once set up they can shorten the amount of time you need to spend on twitter and make you fully organised. How to create Twitter Lists First lets go through how to set up a Twitter List. When you are logged into twitter click your small profile picture on the top right - see the drop down menu. Click "Lists" Click "Create New List" Here the "Create A New List" form pops up You can create a list name - and a description - and choose whether to have it public or private. Click "Save" Now its created you can add to it - which we will show you in the next section. How to use Twitter lists [...]

Funny iOS game Man or Goat

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I discovered this seriously crazy and funny iOs game Man or Goat on Twitter which is in Beta testing right now and I had to try it out. I'm not sure if it was a Dev asking for testers for a chaotic farce of a game out that tempted me or the video I saw, which showed that it was absolutely crazy. Man or Goat for iOS has been created by Gareth of Newtquest Games - who started this venture in May 2003 - its taken him almost 2 years to get this game finished.  When you know the full story - which adds to the fun, you will understand why.  Funny iOS game Man or Goat Man or Goat sounds like a simple game for your mobile at first - you just have to decide if the sounds you hear are a man or a goat.   Simple - no, its not.  Strangely enough, goats don't just bleat, they make some very strange noises indeed.  Gareth's extensive research on Goat noises made him realise that there are 25 categories of noises! The Making of Man or Goat I find [...]

Twitter is Rolling out the new Twitter Quote Tweet

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Twitter is rolling out a revamped version of the quote tweet, its so very much different its more like the new twitter quote tweet. I already have this on one of my accounts and yet on another I don't see it yet - so its coming to us all gradually.  Its available on the iPhone the Web and coming coming soon to Android. People hardly use the quote tweet because its just so ....... ugly - it would just put quote-marks sound the tweet - leaving you very little room to add what you wanted to say. Its pretty hard to see who said what with the old quote tweet. Also I guess people prefer the RT - Retweet which includes RT and your @Name although on the mobile version of twitter when you RT you don't get the option to put a comment - unless you do it manually - which is still a much preferred way to retweet by many that used this way of retweeting before the retweet button appeared. The New Twitter Quote Tweet Now it looks much better [...]

20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

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I recently posted some more in-depth tips for Google Chrome and due to the popularity of that post here are 20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome. Its good to get into the habit of using keyboard shortcuts if you can, its just faster and simpler to do many things. I like Google Chrome - Google say its fast, simple and secure - although, its true there sometimes are some issues,  it can be a little temperamental - like the The webpage is not available error - there are usually ways to fix Chrome. One trick is always to keep an eye on your chrome extensions, but that's for another post. These are for Windows only but for Mac I believe you replace Ctrl with the ⌘ symbol. 20 Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome Do not type / this is just to show the next key. Web-page keyboard shortcuts Print a page - Ctrl/P Save a page - Ctrl/S Stop a page loading - Esc Find (to search on a page) - Ctrl/F Window and Tab ShortCuts for Chrome Zoom in - Ctrl +  (or [...]

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