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An Online Book Of Memories About Your Childs Development –

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Rather than just sharing all of your childrens images on Facebook - how about an online book of memories about your childs development, where you can share pictures and images directly with the people that actually want to see them, rather than all of your friends on Facebook.  Yes, harsh as it may seem, not everyone needs to see how little Johnny is getting on with his potty training. An Online book of memories about your childs development Thats what a new network is about - its your own online baby book plus a social network of moms or parents where you can... Keep track of your childs development Share the big moments with your close friends and family Connect to the global parenthood community Save all your photos and videos I asked Morten Bitsch dad of three from Denmark and the founder of to tell us the story behind the network I set out to create a niche social network site. I wanted a site that made the experience of sharing pictures, videos and text posts with my closest [...]

Hillel Fuld interviews the co founder of Meerkat App

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It is so exciting to watch a Meerkat live streaming video while CMO of ZulaAPP - Hillel Fuld interviews the co founder of Meerkat App, I had to share the recording with you. What is this Meerkat App? If you use social media, watch TV or read the news then I think you might have heard of the Meerkat App by now its been the buzzword for weeks, since the launch of the app on the 10th of March.  If you haven't and you keep reading you will find out all about it. The Meerkat app - is a free live streaming app which connects your phone directly to Twitter - its all about Tweeting live video and live streaming on the move it seems is very popular, its just crazy how easy it is to get set up and streaming to all of your twitter followers. Some people might say so this technology isn't new - but what is new is that it is integrated with Twitter I believe, however it does seem that maybe Twitter isn't very happy about Meerkat because it has its [...]

Unauthorized Access to Twitch Accounts

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Today users of Twitch received an email telling them that there has been Unauthorized Access to Twitch Accounts - and that people are to reset their passwords. At first users might be concerned that its a fake email from Twitch or that just their own account was hacked but no, its seems all users got this email.  And worse still it maybe that sensitive information such as credit card numbers, and other personal information has been obtained. Unauthorized Access to Twitch Accounts We are writing to let you know that there may have been unauthorized access to some of your Twitch user account information, including possibly your Twitch username and associated email address, your password, the last IP address you logged in from, and any of the following if you provided it to us: first and last name, phone number, address, and date of birth. While we store passwords in a cryptographically protected form, we believe it’s possible that your password could have been captured in clear text by malicious code when you logged into our site on March 3rd. For [...]

Brain Training with Monclarity

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 A few months ago I tested out a new website - brain training with Monclarity.  Monclarity is a website that claims to strengthen your brain with a series of tests. We can all do with more brain power right - so I signed up right away. MONCLARITY’S MISSION. We are what we think. Your mind is your most important asset, essential to your success in life. It is also the most complex aspect of your being and the one most amenable to change. Monclarity’s mission is to enhance the human mind through neuroscientifically-guided cognitive exercise. Mind with Monclarity Brain Training with Monclarity Monclairy - Trains six cognitive domains of the brain. Attention Memory Visual Awareness Critical Thinking Problem Solving Language Skills Once you have signed up and logged in you are assessed with a series questions to see which program is suited to you best. Its very easy to use and set up. You are given step by step instructions along the way. The brain training is really just like playing games, mentally stimulating games.  The games are very colourful, and visually [...]

How often should you post on Social Networks

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Businesses starting out on social media, often ask the question - How often should you post on Social Networks. Is there a set amount of tweets to do per day?  Am I posting on Facebook too much or not enough? We think that it really depends on your following, what your business is, how active your followers are - so its good to do your own research - what response do you get when you post? On my personal twitter account I post many many times a day - whenever I see something interesting or if someone I know posts something great I like to share it for them too. However personal accounts are different to business accounts and you need to be careful with your frequency. Luckily for you Sumall and Buffer (which are great platforms you should check out actually) have done some extensive research on social media frequency and created this really cute infographic. You might be shocked to see the results of this research. How often should you post on social networks According to this reasearch [...]

R2-D2 Starwars Illustrator Art

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Here is my R2-D2 Starwars Illustrator Art. Its been a long time since I have done any drawing or updated this page - and I had to teach myself illustrator again, as I hadn't really learned all you could do yet. R2-D2 Starwars Illustrator Art RD-D2 is a fictional character - well actually  he is an astromech droid from the Star Wars films - He was created by 3 men with differing roles, Ralph McQuarrie, John Stears and Tony Dyson.  I think everyone knows who R2D2 is - even those that aren't big fans. R2-D2 is called a droid because he's not an android and he's not a robot.  I can't explain the different between android and a robot really apart from to say that usually an android looks like a human and most of the time a robot doesn't. I was going to list for you the films he's been in but there are so many - you should just go to the IMDB for R2D2     I hope that you enjoy my R2-D2 Starwars Illustrator Art

Facebooks Other Inbox You Might Not Know About

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A friend recently brought it to my attention that people do not know about Facebooks Other Inbox  Your "Other" folder contains messages that Facebook has filtered out of your normal inbox and some of these messages might be messages that you did want to read.  You can change the settings on this to be less strict, read on to find out how. Facebooks Other Inbox The Facebooks Other inbox is a mailbox that you have in your message box - its just hidden away so that you are not bothered by certain messages -  you can view these messages at anytime by Clicking Messages on your Facebook page or profile Click Other - This is greyed out next to INBOX Now, if you click Other you can see all of these "missing" messages - people have said that they have found important messages in here that they did want to see - so its good to check these now and then. The other inbox is to protect you from spammers but now and then a message might get through that isn't spam for another reason, such [...]

24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post

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We came across this wonderful infographic with 24 Tips for Writing a Perfect Blog Post that we want to share with you. It has some great information, facts and tips on how to get more views on your blog posts. Of course we all have different styles on how we like to write but there are some principles that you should try to follow if you want more likes, shares, comments and most importantly views on your website. Are you blogging for your business? As businesses, thats what we want, more traffic to our website, to achieve more views and more conversions you must be blogging, and blogging regularly - yes, it is difficult to find the time, but the benefits are immense. Building your audience online doesn't happen over night or just by blogging a few words with an image - although images are very very important as you will see from the infographic but stick with it and you will soon see the difference. How long should a blog post be How long should a blog post be, is always the question bloggers ask and [...]

How to Delete GooglePlus and keep Gmail

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Many people use Gmail for emails and they don't want  Google+, YouTube, or a Google profile - well here is how to delete GooglePlus and keep Gmail. You might not have even noticed that by signing up for a Gmail account you actually have a Google+ profile - you can tell by looking at the top right of your screen when you are logged into your email If you have a Google Plus account, it will look like this - you can see the +Michelle  thats Google Plus, when you click on it it will take you to your profile. The 1 denotes that I have one message on Google Plus. And the box with the plus inside allows you to send a message to Google Plus directly from your email. If you don't have a Google+ account all you will see here is your email address and the 9 Google boxes - So, there might be many reasons that you do not want a Google Profile or a Google Plus account and you just want it gone. How to Delete GooglePlus [...]

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