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Make Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate

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I love animated videos so when I was asked to try out the Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate I jumped at the chance. We all know that video is a very important part of Social Media Marketing - it really can increase your engagement on social media. However, although I love creating videos  I am pretty useless at making them myself, I usually have a little help - however much I enjoy it. So this for me is a great challenge and if I can do it anyone can. Professional Animated Videos with GoAnimate First of all its really simple to sign up and get started - there is a 14 day free trial and then there are 3 plans Go Publish Go Premium Go Team I was lucky enough to be given some time with one of the plans to test this out (disclaimer) How to make videos with GoAnimate You first click MAKE A VIDEO and select a theme - there are 18 themes to choose from - I've only actually looked at 2 so far and I'm loving it. Themes Business Friendly [...]

How B2B businesses are handling Social Media

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Real Business Rescue have created the following infographic to show exactly How B2B businesses are handling Social Media.  Most businesses realise now that Social media marketing isn't just the next big thing and its not just for B2C businesses either. Top business to business companies are proving that they can increase brand recognition, locate more clients, improve brand loyalty and increase brand authority by interacting with their target audience, which in turn increases traffic to their websites creating more sales. There are many B2B businesses that are using social media successfully but many B2B organisations are still struggling with time management and social media strategies because they don't understand social media and standard marketing isn't working anymore. This leads to many businesses moving to outsourcing professional social media management agencies who do know what they are doing and will set them apart from their competitors as leaders in their fields. The Challenges B2B businesses face on Social Media One of the most interesting feature of this infographic is the challenges that B2B business face -  33% of B2B businesses to not have the time to spend on social media - 23% have a lack [...]

The Difference Between a Cyber Stalker and a Cyber Bully

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What is the difference between a cyber stalker and a cyber bully - The differences are minimal except the cyberstalker is irrationally obsessed with finding out more information about you which they then twist and manipulate to get what they want and the cyberbully is usually referred to when a child or teen is involved like the bully at school - which is no less distressing. Basically they are both under the headline of Online Harassment or Cyber Harassment and when this is repeated over and over to the victim it can be very distressing or annoying. The difference between a cyber stalker and a cyber bully Cyberstalkers I found an interesting article today from net for beginners which described a cyberstalker and from  my experience, this is spot on - I would go to describe this person just as this. Cyberstalking is a very serious form of online harassment. At one level, cyberstalking is much like cyberbullying, as it involves the sending of repeated annoying and unwelcome messages. But cyberstalking goes far beyond cyberbullying in terms of motivations and tactics. Cyberstalking involves a disturbed obsession with the [...]

Daybreak breaks (SOE) Landmark and Everquest Next with Layoffs

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As daybreak breaks Landmark and Everquest Next with layoffs players come together to show their support.  For those that don't know Landmark is an Online MMO Game which was being developed by Sony Online Entertainment and was the Everquest Next counterpart. Just last week Sony sold Sony Online Entertainment to Columbus Nova and who changed SOE's name to Daybreak.  Players were told, don't worry nothing will change, its business as usual - little did they know.  We heard from Dave Georgeson and Jeff Butler on the last LandMark Live show on Twitch who seemed confident and very excited to be continuing work - more so on Everquest Next than landmark they explained. With Landmark Open Beta coming very soon they were going to run with it while they worked on Everquest Next.   We weren't expecting this shocker today.. Daybreak breaks Landmark and Everquest Next with Layoffs Today Daybreak lays off several staff -  the numbers might even go into the 20's we are unsure at this time - but what we do know is that Daybreak have let go some of the most important people involved [...]

Beyond the Wave – an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine’s Day

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Lelo, the leading sex toy brand has today released Beyond the Wave - an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine's Day.  This is the first time a sex toy company has released a mainstream movie. Before you dash off thinking this movie is going to be an advert for sex toys and porn its not, so far from it, infact its the complete opposite to what you might expect -  please read on. Beyond the Wave - an interactive movie by Lelo for Valentine's Day You could say that Beyond the Wave is a love story but its actually more than that, its deeper. Lelo's intention with this movie is to bring couples closer together on an emotional level.  To remind us how to enrich our relationships even when times are hard and to not take each other for granted.   It shows us how important it is to actually communicate and to spend time with someone and to understand where they are coming from.  Which is rather different to the attention that is focused on BDSM - "Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism" [...]

Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile

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The question - Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile, is often asked - we'd like to know if our crush is looking at our Facebook account or if that stalker is viewing your pictures or comments on Facebook.  We want to know this so much that we are willing to believe scams that tell us that we can see who has looked at our Facebook timeline. Can you see who has viewed your Facebook Profile From the horses mouth ..... Common Myths About Facebook Facebook doesn't let people track who views their profile - Third party apps cannot provide this functionality - Facebook ask you here to report the app that is telling you that you can see who viewed your facebook profile.  The same goes for your timeline - you can't see who views your timeline or your photos, posts anything.  Infact you should be very careful what you click on Facebook - as there are scams on Facebook like this one - Watch out for – PRANK site feednewz on Facebook We also were asked about Twitter [...]

Malware Problem with Porn on Facebook

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Yes, we now have malware Problem with porn on Facebook. Doing the rounds at the moment are pornography videos which you get tagged into with lots of your friends (which is called malicious tagging) to make you feel that this video must be okay then, but its porn so of course there is no need to alert you to this, as you wouldn't click this would you.  Well, some people are.  It's estimated that 110 thousand users could be or have been infected. Thanks to Gizmodo we have an image of one of the videos that are tricking users Malware Problem with Porn on Facebook You click the linkOne way to spot it is that it seems that the videos show a shorting url of not a video site. When you click to watch the video and you are immediately directed to a fake Flash Player update which you have to update before you can view the video.  This is when the malware attacks, you click the link to update the fake flash player and you are allowing it into your device - and [...]

5 tips you’ll wish you knew for Google Chrome

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I found out recently that people just don't know all that you can do on Google Chrome, so I have put together this list of 5 tips you'll wish you knew for Google Chrome.  Only 5 tips here but if people do find these useful I will post some more great tips for Google Chrome. I love Google Chrome, since this web browser came out in 2008 I haven't gone back - and it just gets better and better. I do use other browsers but I always use Google Chrome for everyday use. Yes, Google Chrome has its problems like sometimes randomly crashing but this is usually due to running some conflicting software, which you can easily find out by type in the the address bar about:conflicts. Or problems such as "webpage not available" which we wrote about recently. So, now to the tips, these are all using Windows on a PC - of course some of these you may already know but hopefully there will be something here that will make you think, darn, I wish I knew that before! [...]

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