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Will this crazy Startup hit the big time? #GreetingsFromGermany

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Greetings from Germany is a website whose statement says We send you a handwritten postcard from Germany to anywhere in the world.  ........ Oliver Schonmehl of Stonehill Media, one of the founders tweeted me this statement recently and I replied - Why ??   Good for him though he tweeted back - Why NOT ? I really wasn't being rude, I was genuinely asking the question, why?  If you know me, you know that if I can I will support Startups where I can, I have great admiration for all the hard work they put into to their project to make it work, and I'm sure they think its the best idea since Paypal, Craigslist or even Amazon which people thought at the time were crazy start ups ... but to get this far, others also must have thought that Greetings from Germany was an amazing idea. However, I just don't get it.  Will this crazy Startup - Greetings from Germany hit the big time? Greetings from Germany guarantee that their postcards are sent from Germany with a german stamp [...]

Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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I was pleased to be asked to review the Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker recently. Inateck are a Germany company who supply all manner of Bluetooth speakers, docking stations, usb chargers and other wireless products or gadgets all around the world. You know how I love a new gadget, and I love nice packaging - I'm not sure why because you unpack it and never use it again usually.  However, the Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker  came in a really sturdy box similar to what you'd expect from Apple - but this is black with music notes on it, I thought that was a great touch.  First impressions are very important!     Inateck BCSP-10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Inside the box there is a 3.5mm Audio Cable USB Charging Cable An instruction manual A carrying bag Speaker Specs are Size - 165mm x 60mm x 45mm Weight - 340g Input sensitiviy - 560MV Output Power - 6W Distance - 10m Top grade CSR8645 chipset There are two 1.5 Inch speaker units plus bass booster The battery charges pretty quickly - within about 3 [...]

Breast Cancer Awareness Landmark Event #Iloveboobies

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Some Super Twitch streamers have organised a Breast Cancer Awareness Landmark Event in support of  Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  While many people are aware of breast cancer, people often forget to check themselves, and early detection of this disease can mean the difference between life or death. Sorry to be so blunt, but this is the truth. When breast cancer is detected early (localized stage), the 5-year survival rate is 98% Breast Cancer Awareness #Landmark Event I Love Boobies Many people have to wake up to the reality of breast cancer every day, it seems everyone knows someone or is someone that has been affected with Breast Cancer.  I myself lost my mum to breast cancer after she had a 15 year fight keeping it at bay. As I say this topic is important to many people - so lets raise awareness and raise some money. In support of breast cancer awareness month the I Love Boobies event was born Daddio66  will be hosting and streaming this event on Every Saturday in October live at 12 pm PDT 3 pm EDT [...]

Landmark the Online MMO Game

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I recently signed up to the Landmark the Online MMO Game in closed beta  - Landmark is actually a massively multiplayer online role playing game which is being developed by Sony Online Entertainment alongside EverQuest Next. Landmark is a Microsoft Windows Game which is played on the PC.  Landmark is a virtual world where you claim your land and you build or craft what your heart desires. Blame Twitch for my addiction I liked the sound of this MMO and I wanted to know all about Landmark game and how to play it.  And what better place to see a game in action than Twitch, as soon as I saw what Landmark was all about, I wanted to try it out and I was lucky enough to win a 7 day beta for landmark game on Twitch. is a leading video platform that has over 60 million gamers connecting to it PER month, which is huge for being open just 3 years and it has many of the newest games on for you to check out. Fairydustmedia recently published a [...]

Is Twitch a Social Network

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People are asking what is Twitch, is a social network?  To find out the answer to this first we need to know what is social networking and what are social networks for. What is Social Networking A social network service enables users to find like-minded individuals or people with the same interests to connect with. So a social network is basically that community or social relations. We use social networks to interact with others, we follow them, connect with them, share content with them. In short a social network is a community of people finding and communicating with each other, to be social within a network or on a platform. So, is Twitch a social network With the above meaning, to me, yes Twitch is a definitely social network.  Although Twitch is referred to as a broadcast media platform because Twitch is all about live streaming.  Some would say that it's not classed as a social network.  Live streaming could actually be the next big thing in social media, its growing fast - With Social media, its all about connecting with your [...]

Betty White Died or Dyed? Check your facts before sharing!

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Betty White Died or Dyed? Check your facts before sharing! It seems that we still have not learned to check our facts before squealing all over the internet things that aren't true. People that didn't read the whole article in Empire News -and misread the word "dyes" have been sharing on social media sites that Betty White has died.  And this of course has started a landslide of tweets, posts and messages that the poor Betty White Ludden, actress, comedian and singer, of Golden Girls fame has died.  When all the article talked about was how Betty Dyes her hair in her own home. The article was published last night with the headline Actress Betty White 92 "dyes" Peacefully in Her Los Angeles Home. It seems that this article proves what we have known for a long time, that - people don't read any more.   People read the headline and thats it, and on this occasion either they don't know the difference between dies and dyes, or they just assumed it was a typo. So they just launched over [...]

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