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Another WhatsApp hoax, David D Suretech

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Every time there are changes, on something like Facebook or WhatsApp the tricksters try it on again. There is, yes another WhatsApp hoax fooling users and its really just a reworded version of the last whatsapp hoax message  and the one before that....  This time they are using the recent down time to fool users in to thinking this is real. I was alerted of the new hoax a few days ago when someone asked me if it was real.  I wondered if I should warn users, but thought most people would understand by now. It seems not - as many worried people have been arriving here all day, looking for answers. Another WhatsApp hoax = David D Suretech The fake WhatsApp message reads as follows - and of course the more people that forward it the more viral it gets, please don't share it.   Hello, I. Am DAVID D. SURETECH founder of Whatsapp. this message is to inform all of our users that we have only 53 million accounts available for new phones. Our servers have recently been very [...]

What are Premium Domain Names?

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Premium domain names are extremely valuable when it comes to branding your business, these domain names are usually very short, keyword intensive, memorable names.  And you don't even just have to go for the standard boring .com or .net with .ME premium domain names, you are in a completely different ball game. Success Stories with Premium Domain Names About.Me Of course you have heard of About.Me is a individual branding page about all about you - of course.  Otherwise known as an online identity platform.  From this page you can point users to your content and  your social media profiles and hopefully connect with them easily in those places. has a fantastic story around it.  It was launched in 2010 by Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young. During the Beta period had become so popular that in just four days after the launch the domain was acquired by AOL.  Remarkably in February 2013 Tony Conrad and Ryan Freitas and the team bought it back from AOL.  In May of 2013 launched a premium version, [...]

3 Ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites

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I see many Facebook users complaining on Facebook about some notifications they receive, especially game invites. There are actually 3 different ways to Stop Facebook Game Invites.  It really doesn't take long and could stop these people from blowing a fuse every time someone invites them to the same game. Unfortunately your friend probably doesn't even realise that they have sent you an invite as when they accept the game they give it access to their address book, and to post on their behalf.  This doesn't make it okay but its just a fact that people don't read the fine print, so its up to us to stop the Facebook game invites. Stop Facebook Game invites with just a few clicks 1. When you get the game invite, click the link - or the X - you will be taken to a pop up here you can see that, this app requests to post on your behalf and requests your basic info. Click View in App Centre  - here you will see a full descrption of the game and the Terms [...]

Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts

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I've supported The Teenage Cancer Trust since I first noticed that Roger Daltrey (an honorary patron along side the Duchess of York), was the driving force behind Teenage Cancer Trust Royal Albert Hall Concerts The first one being in 2000  when The Who were joined on stage by the likes of: Noel Gallagher Bryan Adams Paul Weller Eddie Vedder Nigel Kennedy Kelly Jones Every year since then, Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall has raised essential funds to help the charity.  Over seventeen million pounds have been raised in 14 years to support the work of the Charity. The Teenage Cancer Trust This is a wonderful charity that works hard improve the lives of our young people ages 13-24 with cancer to help get them the best care and support that they need, which can be totally different from those of young children or older people that have been diagnosed with cancer. These young people used to be lumped in the childrens ward or alongside old people and this is where the charity saw the need for a change. They realised [...]

Go to the Best Tech Conference in Austin with the .Me Loyalty Program

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The .Me Registry is a personal domain extension that creates a unique personal brand, who have launched an  .Me Loyalty Program. There are many successful .ME personal websites such at and Mantia.Me or you may know or be signed up to start ups like and  Anyone from anywhere in the world can register for a .Me domain and the good news is that Google treats them just the same as any standard TLD such as .com .net or .org.  What is .Me Loyalty Program The .Me loyalty program has just been launched to give something real back to all of  the .ME community, the bloggers, the start ups, the podcaster, the publishers and candlestick makers, anyone can join the loyalty program.  All you have to do is join and you can enter the amazing prize draw! Two lucky participants of the Me.Loyalty Program will win the prize package which is awesome  trip to the interactive conference in Austin, this is one of the biggest, best and most talked about conventions in the US.   This interactive festival [...]

Do You Need a New Social Media Strategy

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Do you need a new social media strategy ? Is your social media strategy not working?  Do you need a new social media strategy.  Sometimes, the things you planned into your strategy do not work, if after a few months you have no engagement because you haven't built the foundations, its time to realise this and move on. It could be just that your social media program is fine but it just needs refining a little or just a little more time.  Yes, a good social media strategy does take time and effort to see rewards but are you spending time doing the right thing?  We've listed just 6 reasons that you might need a new social media strategy, perhaps you are doing some of these things and didn't even realise why they weren't working. 6 reasons you might need a new social media strategy 1 - Do you even have a social media strategy?  Having a plan is essential, just opening a string of accounts and not doing anything about them, is worse than not even having social media networks [...]

When is Ingress coming to iOS ?

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What is Ingress Ingress is an  MMOARG (massively multiplayer online alternate reality game) created by Niantic labs - which is a start up within Google.  The concept of the game is supposed to be similar to games such as World of Warcraft, but I think that's just a MMO reference rather than features. SO when is Ingress coming to iOS ? The game has been available on Google Play for android users  just over a year with a suggested 1 million users and it only came out of Beta in November.  I am dying to see the game play rather that just read about it or watch videos but I am still waiting for Ingress to come out on iPhone. Some people are calling this game a social media network because again of its online multiplayer theme.  The good thing about its that you can chat to people via the game but also people are creating google+ communities to discuss tactics and to get to know each other further.  Not just anybody though, there are two teams or frations on Ingress -  The [...]

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