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Giraffe profile pictures on Facebook

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Yesterday I started seeing giraffe pictures pop up on peoples Facebook profiles, I didn't think anything of it as people are often putting crazy pictures up in support of something.  However, today I started to see a load more, so I had to ask what's with the Giraffe profile pictures Giraffe profile pictures It turns out there is a riddle going around: The Giraffe riddle challenge - if you get the riddle wrong, you have to put up a giraffe profile picture up for three days, and if you get it right, then everyone has to say how wonderful you are. I played the game and got it wrong. I agreed to change my profile pic to a Giraffe if I got the riddle wrong. The Great Giraffe Game! ... The deal is I give you a riddle. You get it right you get to keep your profile pic. You get it wrong and you change your profile pic to a Giraffe for the next 3 days.MESSAGE ME ONLY SO YOU DONT GIVE OUT THE ANSWER.Here is the riddle: 3:00 am, [...]

Puzzle Dungeon, a retro style indie game for iPhone

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The retro style indie game Puzzle Dungeon was developed by Robert Lane from the UK and was launched on the iPhone on October the 10th 2013.  This game has just come at the right time, we are hooked on these types of puzzle games and we love a blast from the past, ahhh nostalgia! Robert says he loves nostalgia and would like smart phones to bring back the old days with video games. It seems that this is now happening as games like this are becoming more popular with young and old and I love it! How to play Puzzle Dungeon The aim of Puzzle Dungeon is to get this seriously cute little character with blue hair to push wooden crates on to a target area (which has been an orange squares so far) in the least number of steps possible, and similar to many other games you can compete with your friends for the fewest number moves (pushes). It’s really strange to play this 16 bit type game by touching the screen, you really feel like you have travelled back in [...]

Receive DMs from any follower on Twitter

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Well, there is a lot of panicking going on on Twitter, everyone has just noticed there is a new feature on Twitter - which allows people to DM you without having to follow you back. However there is a new setting - Receive DMs from any follower on Twitter! I've seen no announcements from Twitter on this, normally there is a blog, a tweet something but there is no news - so I'm wondering if its a trial feature.   Some people can allow DMs and some can't, so its been rolled out slowly - some have said they've had it for weeks. You don't know unless you look in settings as there is no alert to tell you the person has allowed you to DM without them following back. Don't panic people, you have to allow this in settings for it to happen. Receive DMs from any follower Messages Receive direct messages from any followerGenerally, you must follow someone before they have the ability to direct message you. If you check this option, any Twitter user that follows you will [...]

HTC Announces Supersized Smartphone One Max

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HTC, founded in 1997  and have been trying to push the boundaries of design and technology since. HTC  announced yesterday their 5.9 inch display Android smartphone one max or phablet as these types of smartphones are now called due to the size being over 5 inches.  Do you need a tablet and a smartphone with a phone this size or just a phablet? One Max, its huge! HTC One Max has a massive 15 cm screen - HD1080p display and is equipped with a quad-core qualcomm snapdragon 600 processor which features and quad-core 1.7 GHz CPU giving amazingly sharp, crisp viewing experience and BOOMsound. Size of Smartphone One Max Measurements are 164.5 by 82.5 by 10.29mm and weighs 217g which to put it into perspective is almost double the weight of iPhone but its also much much bigger of course. Expandable Memory Onboard Memory is either 32GB or 16GB which 64gb can added to via the microSD slots and 50GB of Google Drive Storage which is offered to One Max owners. No more numbers and passwords Similar to the new iPhone [...]

JustUnfollow Hits 5 Million Users

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I am so pleased to announce that one of my favorite apps JustUnfollow Hits 5 Million Users  -  the Twitter and Instagram management application has hit 5 Million users !!  Well done to them, this is tremendous as it was founded in 2010 and in August last year they "only" had 1 Million users, just a year later 5 Million!  I wrote recently in my blog post Unfollow Unfollowers on Twitter about this  fantastic application. I've been using it ever since.   And seeing as Twitter now seems to have stopped incorrectly suspending people for aggressive unfollowing when they are not, its all good! What is JustUnfollow Well you could, nip over to my link up there for a full explanation but basically JustUnfollow started as a Twitter management application to help twitter users find out who to unfollow, whether it be, inactive users or unfollowers but its now evolved into a very important part of social media use which now includes instagram, and who knows what is to come next! Its available as browser use but also available on Android, iOS [...]

What’s different about the Dating Application called Tinder?

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I recently found out about the free GPS dating application called Tinder from a friend of mine (honestly)!  I've never used dating sites for myself, not saying that I wouldn't, I think they are a great idea, if you can be sure its safe. Some of the dating sites seem a bit too formal though and that's how this one is different, it seems easier and more fun.  Although some have called it a sex satnav and said that people are using it to meet people for sex.  Which is all very well if that is what is expected but it then becomes a worry that this app is rated 12+ but that's another blog post... What is different about Tinder? There are many people searching for romance, love or sex and apparently this dating application has been a winner so far, with many many downloads, matches and engagements that have happened this year, so why is it different?    Basically its FUN, its not stuffy, and doesn't require you to fill out huge forms expressing your feelings or anything [...]

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