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GetPRSM – The security friendly Social Network?

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At first glance you think GetPrsm seems to be a fabulous social networking site, the site was created by Datacoup who put together this site after NSA’s sweeping data collection program. Datacoup which was founded by Matt Hogan is itself a  free web & mobile application that empowers consumers with their own personal data. What about this GetPrsm Social Network? Is it a new network or what?  Let us see what GetPrsm's features are... The Network boasts No Ad’s ever Unlimited Storage 320 million users (are alarm bells ringing yet?) Never worry about sharing again With a host of things you can share on line including.... Purchases – Internet Searches – Email – Blog Posts – TV shows watched – Photos Uploaded – Locations – Phone Calls – Videos Watched – Texts – Social Media – And More. Uh huh…. Instantly upload trillions of megabytes of data. Key Partners Include Facebook Google Apple Yahoo Skype AOL At&t Now you get it – there is a clue in the name - PRSM.  Yes, you’d be wrong in thinking the new social networking [...]

Meddle – A Free Micro-Blogging Service

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Meddle is a free micro-blogging service to designed to enhance your visibility and increase your social presence on the internet. Meddle was founded by Vidar Brekke CEO and Ballu Kommireddi CTO to provide an easy way to showcase your expertise. I usually like to compare new services, but you cannot really compare Meddle to other free microblogging sites, such as Twitter or Tumbler because its actually more a mixture of both but with a little of StumbleUpon and Pinterest thrown in. What is Meddle Well, we've begun to explain what Meddle is - but lets explain more by showing what you can do with Meddle.  Some people call it Pinterest for text, this is because it is very similar in the way that you share content and you know how easy Pinterest is. Meddle offer you a plug-in that so you can select, comment and share certain excerpts from articles, blogs or websites.  First you drag the Bookmarket to your bookmark bar - You just highlight what you want to share - click the bookmarklet and a box pops up [...]

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