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Social Network Emails – Your account may have been compromised – What to do.

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Users are still concerned after receiving emails saying that their accounts might have been compromised or the one entitled -  Important information regarding your security and privacy from social networking sites -  Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest. The problem arose when Zendesk  who store and organise emails for customer support and help desks for these social networks had their systems hacked. Zendesk believe that during the security breach personal information such as email addresses linked to these platforms may have been downloaded by the hacker. Quote from the zendesk blog  We believe that the hacker downloaded email addresses of users who contacted those three customers for support, as well as support email subject lines. We notified our affected customers immediately and are working with them to assist in their response. This will only affect you if you have emailed customer support at Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr - which most of us have at some point. I imagine if you have then that is why you have received an email warning you of the breach. - There is no indication that passwords have been stolen at all. So, I [...]

Alleged Photos of Jamie Bulger’s Killers shown on Social Networks

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Picture from the ForJames Memorial Trust - James Patrick Bulger was murdered on the 12 of February,  20 years ago he was just two years old. The horrific abduction, torture and murder was carried about by two ten year old children - Robert Thompson and Jon Venables, who are said to be the youngest convicted killers in Modern day England, forever more known as Jamie Bulger's Killers. Jamie Bulger's Killers appearing on Facebook It might not be coincidence that alleged photos of the convicted murderers Jon Venables and Robert Thompson started to appear on social media networks on this anniversary. The original pictures have been removed but now there are others appearing in our timelines.  There is actually an injunction which prevents the publication of images of the two and a ban on publishing anything at all revealing their whereabouts. Please don't share these posts. The Attorney Generals Office are not confirming or denying that these images are real or not - the powers that be have launched an investigation,  and will no doubt be searching for who first shared the images. [...]

Whats all the fuss about #vine for Twitter and Facebook

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Vine is an iOS video sharing app created by Vine Labs, Inc which was acquired by Twitter in October 2012 and launched two weeks ago for iPhone and iPad. With all of the image sharing applications we already have, plus Google's YouTube, I wondered what all of the fuss was about. Vine is a little bit different Vine challenges you to create interesting short videos of only six seconds!  Vine is simplicity itself, similar to Twitter they wanted to keep things simple. There is no editing to this app - no fancy ways to make the video look vintage or colourful or even a way to add text  or music to the video. No going back once you've shot it, its delete or start again. Which strangely makes it even more interesting, as we are all in the same position to try to create something unique, beautiful or interesting that people want to watch. Vine is Addictive These short videos are extremely addictive to watch, we all have a short attention span and there is no play button so you just scroll down [...]

Volkswagen Beetle 1959

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    Drawing in Adobe Illustrator by me ..  using photos as a guide One of my favorite cars. Volkswagen Beetle 1959 Although designed in the 1930s, the Beetle was only produced in significant numbers from 1945 on, when the model was internally designated the Volkswagen Type 1, and marketed simply as the "Volkswagen". Later models were designated VW 1200, 1300, 1500, 1302 or 1303, the former three indicating engine displacement and the latter two being derived from the type number and not indicative of engine capacity. The model became widely known in its home country as the Käfer (German for "beetle") and was later marketed as such in Germany,[3] and as the Volkswagen Beetle in other countries.[1][2] In the 1950s, the Beetle was more comfortable and powerful than most European small cars,[citation needed] having been designed for sustained high speed on the Autobahn. It remained a top seller in the U.S., owing much of its success to high build-quality and innovative advertising,[citation needed] ultimately giving rise to variants, including the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and the Volkswagen Type 2 bus. From Wiki   

How to get a Whole Page Screenshot that you can easily annotate

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If you need a screenshot of a website and you just use PrtScrn Capture or even the snipping tool you can only capture whats on your screen at that time (hence the name, screenshot) and but you may need more or even the whole page.  Scrolling isn't an option and minimizing the screen and making the image larger can ruin the image. There is a fantastic Chrome extension called Awesome Screenshot:Capture and Annotate by Diigo which I wanted to share with you - Diigo also have another extension called Search all - which enables you to search through all search engines, but that's another story. If you use Google Chrome, which I think most of us do now, or if you don't, why not? - ( I am a Google fan, what can I say)  then you may (like I did) have over looked this extension or you may not even know how to find extensions or apps for chrome. Edit - Screen Grab for Firefox On checking 21% of my views are by Firefox users and a helpful gentleman Len @PetersNewJobs has said that a similar great product [...]

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