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Step by Step – How to use Triberr

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Many people have been confused about the recent changes in Triberr and are asking how to use it now. This post has been written for them - I was going use video - but I think its explained in two screen shots. First - Log in to triberr  (I'm assuming these particular people have accounts and profiles set up)  Click - Home (Ringed at the top here) You will then see your Tribal Stream (Make sure this is lit up white under your name) Under there it should say Oldest on top and Show All Tribes - just to be sure we are all on the same page.  To read the post you just click the title. Click - Approve (the big red button) This will put the post into a queue - mine is set to one post every 34mins - actually I prefer 1 hour - I'll change that and show you as well.  Click - Load Social Buttons - to share on other networks other than just Twitter.   When you have clicked Load Social Buttons you will [...] an achievement-based social portfolio builder #socialnetwork

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What is an achievement based social portfolio builder? Geeklist, which is in private beta was founded by Christian Sanz and Reuben Katz in San Francisco, for developers to showcase their work so companies could find them easily. Now there are all sorts of geeks and techies on there :) What is geeklist You sign up for an account and fill in your profile as you would normally. On your menu bar you have Home - takes you to your discovery feed - here you can see All Yours Micros Cards Contributes ^5's Follows Micro -  is sort of like your status update - although messages, publishing cards or any actives also show up as micros Card - This is where you create your achievement cards - more about how to do that later. Settings - Users preferences Profile - goes to your profile. The first thing I did - is search for fellow geeks, friends, or others How to create a geeklist card. This is the important part - here you would put an achievement, something that you do or  something that you [...]

How to Delete your Netlog Account

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I am a member a good few social networking sites, as you may well imagine - as I love trying out new sites and keeping them going, if they are good. See some of the most popular sites I use here Netlog has been going for sometime now, and as it was associated with windows live messager I wasn't very bothered about joining it, however it seemed to be getting more popular and I was informed that they had greatly improved features on the site. Market leader According to ComScore, Netlog is page view market leader in Belgium, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Romania and Turkey. In the Netherlands, Germany, France and Portugal, Netlog occupies a second place. Netlog is the pan-European market leader as well. Every month, over 100 million visitors browse the site, accounting for more than 2 billion page views. I went over to Netlog to check it out. First thing I didn't like  - it says search for friends on Google - this suggests that it will bring up a list of people on Netlog that are my google [...]

Whitney Houston Scams – Be careful what you click

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  Whitney Houston Scams As usual when someone dies, the hackers, scammers, cyber criminals use it against us. They know we are weak, they know we are not paying attention. They know we are all fighting for new information or great tracks... What happened? Why did it happen? Is it true? What is going to happen? I love that song! This is when they get us, when we are not thinking, we click a link and bam - its gone to all our friends and family saying its safe because you liked it. There are even some going around that say they are going to show you Whitney's autopsy really? You'd click that?  Well I know some are so distraught they just need to know the facts. The Autopsy one doesn't take you to a YouTube link but says that flash needs to be updated, and you have to install. Another one, takes you to a link to download Whitney wallpaper ... woah! Big Mistake - Huge!  You will be installing something very nasty! Usually it will just take you to a [...]

Pinterest is for women? You could try Gentlemint!

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A month ago now, I wrote about Pinterest asking if you have you signed up for Pinterest yet? -  it seems to me that now the world and his wife has signed up!  People love it! Today, the Mail Online, suggested that Pinterest which is one of the fastest growing sites with 12 Million unique visitors (just in the US) could have over 97% female users.  Which I don't believe, I'd say out of my 300 followers many more than half are male. In fact when I open up my first page of followers you can see here yourself that they are almost ALL men. Pinterest is for girls?  As I looked through the rest of my followers this was pretty much the case all the way through. I know I do have many male followers probably due to the nature of my interests but this must show that the 97% figure is wrong. Besides which, you will only see the pictures of those that you are following unless you go into explore and then you can search for things like DIY or [...]

Do you have Kred? +Kred arrives

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Kred was created by Peoplebrowsr -  it measures online influence via social networks, similar to PeerIndex and a little like Klout but now maybe more accurate, less said about that the better. Kred celebrates personal importance and generosity by shifting the attention from celebrities to the true heart of social media: trusted friends and subject matter experts. It calculates the influence of the real stars in your life: from locals, like a trusted bartender or bike repair guy, to experts in your niche interests, like an oceanographer studying the floor of the Indian Ocean How does Kred work? Kred looks at 1000 days of data -  your tweets and your history including keywords, topics, hashtags and personal connections. It then shows you your online history so that you can understand the score - unlike Klout, who knows how that is scored now.   Your influence score is out of 1000 - this is increased with RT's @'s or follows. Influence is measured by the ability to persuade others to take action And your outreach is out of 10 - This is increased when [...]

LinkedIn remove Social Advertising options

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Since the addition of LinkedIn's trial of social ads there have been complains from users about LinkedIn sharing private information. LinkedIn were said to be sharing your name and photo using auto opt in, ( A Facebook trick ) so millions of users were put into an advertising program without their knowledge. The only way you could stop it was to go into your settings and opt out, which was very easy but you still had to know it was there in the first place. You had to - Click your name, setting, account and manage social advertising. Opt out. Due to this, an email was born, which has been circulating on LinkedIn ever since. Dear all,  I received the following message from a contact and I am forwarding it for your awareness and consideration.  Without attracting too much publicity, LinkedIn has updated their privacy conditions. Without any action from your side, LinkedIn is now permitted to use you name and picture in any of their advertisements.  (See ch. 2 of their privacy policy: )  Some simple actions to be considered:  1. Place the cursor on [...]

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