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Domino’s Pizza app for iPad and iPhone by Sumo

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Yes, you can order Domino's pizza from your iPhone, in minutes without even speaking to anyone. I thought it was time I stopped blogging about Facebook for one second and blog about the Domino's Pizza application on iTunes, seeing as I was asked so nicely.  This application was developed by Somo who states they are the leading independent European mobile marketing agency, specialising in strategy, design and build of mobile websites and applications. As you may know I love a pizza and I normally order using the Domino's online system, which the iPhone application is very similar to but  it has recently been improved, along with the launch of the iPad application. Using the Domino's Pizza app Its very easy to use and I love the design. When you first use it you put in your postcode and it finds your nearest store to collect or have delivered from. You then choose what you want by scrolling through a carousel style pizza menu - actually pizzas, sides, desserts and drinks - similar to how your music scrolls.  Loving this! The great addition here is the create your own; as you [...]

Adding and Removing parts from your new Facebook Profile – Timeline.

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Facebook's Timeline is more visual than the old Profile page - its wider and it is going to contain your posts, photos and life events, including the date they happened. People appear to be concerned about this.  They are worried some of these posts, photos or happenings might contain items from the past that they would rather not see again, or want other people to see constantly on one page. Timeline - You decide.  You don't need to worry, although Facebook is going to summarise your Timeline automatically you can add or remove any parts of your story that you want. If there are important topics that haven't been included in your Timeline you can go back to when they happened and just add them or you can go to your "private activity log" and add it to your timeline from there. How do I remove a story from my timeline? Hover over a story on your timeline to see your options: (Feature on Timeline): This allows you to highlight the stories you think are important. When you star a story, the [...]

Facebook’s new Ticker, can I remove it? Yes, you can!

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Image from I think most of us already have Facebook's new Ticker even though it was just announced just yesterday by Mark Zuckerburg at the F8 Keynote. What is Ticker? Ticker is that box on the right hand side of your screen that is whizzing through all of your friends activity in real time ( a bit like Twitter ) It shows you a brief summary of the update and if you want to see more you can click on it.  I believe this will be used more when all of the changes have taken place. I don't like Facebook's news ticker, how do I remove it? However, many users are asking how to get rid of, or remove ticker because a) Its annoying or b) its is slowing their internet down. There are a few spam messages going around where people are asking you to copy and paste it too your friends, but it doesn't actually work, I'm told. Edit: see below for solution! The upshot of that seems to be that Facebook doesn't allow you remover the News Ticker - [...]

Announced today – Facebook Timeline – The Story of your life

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Mark Zuckerberg today at the Developers conference shared with us new changes to Facebook. He told us about..... Timeline The Story of your life on a single page, summarized by Facebook, so that it feels like home! This is a summery of all of your stories and all of your apps on your profile, Mark Zuckerberg says its a new way to express who you are. Timeline starts of with all of the things you have done recently and then what happened last week, last month, last year and so on, showing pictures, music, places, and messages throughout your life on Online. Time-slot - you can click on a year, and it will go to that year and show the most important stuff that happened. Meaning of the dot -  Blue dots - important content - Grey dots - less important. Map - the map shows everywhere you have been in your life and when. You can highlight important events of your life by clicking on the star beside the story, so that timeline knows that its important to you. You can control whats [...]

Setting up MMS or Internet on your T-Mobile Phone

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If you have changed your phone or swapped sim cards to another handset you might be frustrated to find that you cannot connect to your social media networks or send MMS (picture messages). That is because you need to be setting up MMS again. You may have even received a text message from T-Mobile asking your to set up these services and to reply to 34967 however it sometimes it doesn't work - the message comes back that it cannot be sent to this address. Strange! I'm not sure why this happens but it appears to be happening to a lot of people - it is the correct number so it doesn't appear to be a scam, but this error is happening and people are confused at how to set up their cell phone.  T-mobile just say that they are having issues. Don't Worry... Setting Up MMS All you have to do is go to the link and you can send yourself the correct settings anytime for free.  Just follow the onscreen instructions, it takes seconds. Hope this helps

Twentyfeet – the super social media monitoring tool

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Twentyfeet is run by Seibert Media, a German web agency from Wiesbaden and was founded by Paul Herwath von Bittenfield. If you haven't yet heard about this tool - they call it an egotracking tool it will help you keep track of your social media activities and monitor the results. I am a bit behind on this one as its been around for a while now, but I am finally  testing out on a 30 day trial and its actually very cool! It has all of the data you may need and more - plus a superb interface!  It saves you having to log in to various places to look at analytics as you can add many different types of accounts, and there are more on the way. On the Twentyfeet trial you can have ... 8 Twitter accounts,4 Facebook5 bit,ly11 YouTube,17 Google analytics and12 for MySpaceAfter the trial is finished you can still have one Facebook account and a Twitter account for free.  Other accounts are then $2.49 per year (you can pay by PayPal) which isn't much [...]

How many views does your blog get from Twitter ?

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Picture: Twitter developers Soon you should be able to find out how many views you get via Twitter as today Twitter announce the release of its Web Analytics Tool. We all love data, we love to see how much we are getting, where it is coming from and how long for.  Analytics platforms are popping up more and more each with more or different information. Twitter have been keen show off its true influence since bringing out its own URL shortener which automatically shortens links of over 20 characters. They said it was to protect users from malicious sites where you may get hacked or a virus as Twitters link service is checked by potentially dangerous sites.  However we noticed right away in our usual analytics tools that lots of our traffic was infact coming from Twitter, and one of the reasons we knew this was because of Not a surprise for Twitter. Previous to that we saw that Twitter had acquired BackType who are involved in social analytics, they said then they will be developing tools for Twitter, So that is who is running this show [...]

Wow! The all new Posterous Spaces

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Today I logged into my Posterous blog and look what I found.......   Posterous has launched a brand new service for the web, iPhone and Android that has completely replaced the blog service, its gone, and it now looks like the above screenshot. Its all about secure sharing, it says on the posterousblog  - they say we should be able to share things on the internet in the same way as we do in real life.  They mention that this system is more secure and permanent than Facebook.  Similar again to Google plus circles set up regarding who you share things with but I must say they do make it sound simpler and more easily obtainable. See the video Whats New on Posterous Spaces Posterous say everything is still there, as you loved it before, they have just added some new features... Posterous Space new features are  Five New Themes A New Reader Faster Loading Times New Profile Pages What to do when you first see that Posterous Spaces Welcome screen Click on Lets get started and it takes you then to a Find [...]

Clever Facebook 7th Birthday Scam

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Facebook users are  being lead to believe that they can get a free pair of shoes as a special gift from Facebook as a birthday celebration. To redeem your gift all you have to do is verify your Facebook account by logging into Facebook mobile. There is even a video showing you how to do this to make it seem even more realistic and because it is quite tricky to find your facebook mobile email.  You then have to complete a survey (which is how they earn their money)  This should always be an alarm for users, surveys on Facebook are usually dodgy. Another alarm for us, is that you never get anything for free - free iPad click here, how often do you see that, do you click it? Free shoes? No pictures or sizing?  Apparently there is also one of these that has free T-shirts. If you do this you have allowed the scammer to use your Facebook account and post status updates or upload videos to your profile as they now have your facebookmobile email address, which is what this [...]

Realtime translation for iPhone iPad

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The Worldictionary iPhone app is an Instant Translation and Search application by Penpower Technology Ltd. Penpower Technology also bought us the WorldCard Mobile – Business card reader. This interesting application defines and translates words by pointing your iPhone at some text without having to type it in manually. It has a cute magnifiying glass on screen which has a reticle to precision point the actual word that you wish to translate. This application translates using many languages such as Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, and Romanian. It will speak the word that you are looking up which a helpful addition to a translator. After you have the translation you can then tap the word, and it will bring up more information in the dictionary, Wikipedia or Utube. Another way of looking up translations is to take a photo of the text or select an image that is already on your iPhone to look up particular words from a text. Worldictionary will save your words for you in your records, which you [...]

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