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Noah Everett – Founder of Twitpic Arrested #update

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  Bit of gossip for you ....... Noah Everett who founded Twitpic the media sharing site,  tweeted from his twitter account today that he had been arrested and was in the back of the cop car and even posted a twitpic of it. He tweeted later that he got a ride home as he couldn't walk down the street half naked, I'm assuming he just had his top off as he does like a pose. :)  I've seen reports that said he was actually naked, this clearly isn't what he put said on his twitter account. The picture he posted on twitter was supposedly proof of him in the backseat of a police car looking out towards the windscreen and a laptop - and it has now had 46k views, but people don't know what it is or what is going on. There  has been no confirmed reports of the "arrest", but he's sure attracted a lot of attention from his  2,799,198 followers! Interested to see what he says next, maybe I'm just nosy :) Update: Earlier Noah confirmed on Twitter, that he was in fact [...]

The Google+ Project – Real life sharing. Move over Facebook.

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We've been waiting for this from Google for a long time, since the speculations (inside information) around SXSW in March came out about Google circles. We thought then it was just going to be Google circles that was to take on Facebook but The Google+ project looks much bigger than we thought circles would ever be. Google plus is invitation only right now (figures), launching with what they are calling a field trial period, so who knows when the rest of us will get it, they say it won't be long.  Even the requests to be informed have overflowed now, with a message on the site that says, We've temporarily exceeded our capacity try again soon. You can leave your email address on the plus Google site here - Keep me posted. The Google+ project includes various segments Circles - Share things with your closest friends with high security features. Hangouts - A place to hang out with your friends as a group - including video chats or sharing videos Sparks - A feed of only the things that you are really into Huddle - [...]

After the 50 Days of Lulz ended – Anonymous promise surprising release.

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Hackers Lutz Security announced their final release at the weekend, after 50 days of disruption for various corporations and governments and even Joe blogs on occasion. Their final day of tweets on the 26th of June were these.... Lulz statement "50 days of Lulz"  inform us that it was a planned 50 days of uninterrupted, chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy.  And that they believe that they have brought back the AntiSec movement that started in 1999, which they truly believe in. The Anti Security Movement (also written as antisec and anti-sec) is a movement opposed to the computer security industry. It attempts to censor the publication of information relating to but not limited to: software vulnerabilities, exploits, exploitation techniques,hacking tools, attacking public outlets and distribution points of that information. Movement followers have cited websites such asSecurityFocus, Securiteam, PacketStormSecurity, and milw0rm to be targets of their cause, as well as mailing lists like "full-disclosure", "vuln-dev", "vendor-sec" and Bugtraq, as well as public forums and IRC channels. During lulz  last days they released documents stolen from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and files that contain internal data from AOL and a variety [...]

Facebook clickjacking Scam – Boy reaction after his Ex-girlfriend posted

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Photo by Darkpatator There is another click-jacking scam similar to other scams we've seen recently. The link comes up as a message in your Facebook news-feed informing you that one of your friends liked this link. (Oh so it must be true then) Not! The first warning should be that there is a picture of a naked woman and a baby? Boy reaction after his Ex Girlfriend posted on his wall With a blogspot link lol what true pain both are having at this moment When you click the link you are taken to an advertising page, which apparently has a video on it.  When you try to play the video, it makes you like the page and it pops up an online survey. And so the scam cycle starts again....... its posted to your friend's walls saying you like it. Another similar one seen recently is one that promises to show you a video of Marika Fruscio during an embarressing moment, which seems to be her top falling down showing one boob. Wow how exciting is that! ... seriously, that's worse than the big bum scam. [...]

Twitter Viagra scam DM spreading fast

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There is a new Phishing scam or spam DM spreading quickly around Twitter at the moment,  seemingly a direct message that is sent from your friend  says...... (or similar) "I got huge discounts on Viagra, cialis and more, no prescription needed." This is what twitter are saying ........ I didn't click the link myself so I'm not sure where the link takes you, although hopefully Google chrome would have warned me as it is pretty secure. However....... Please don't click it, as it will be DM'ed to many of your followers - and this will keep it alive! I personally, never click any links that are DM'd to me, without knowing about it first.  They are either spam or self promotions, both of which should not be in my DM box. If there is something to say @ me -  If I do get something I am not sure of - I ask the sender if they meant to send it, on this occasion I asked as a joke as why would someone send me something about Viagra :) If you have clicked [...]

Twylah – your custom fan page for Twitter

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If you like the Facebook  fan pages, you are going to LOVE this;  Twylah automatically transforms your tweets into a custom fan page. This terrific tool organises your most tweeted or retweeted tweets into topics which can not only help you tweet more effectively but also helps people find information that is most important to you and them, simply. These are some of the topics that I mostly tweet about (I'll leave out the least important embarrassing topics). Home - which is your trending tweets....this has a whole page of your topics in an easy to view format. Or on the Top bar you can click on... Twitter - Techieminx - Facebook - Blog - Video - Photo - Nokia - London - Social Media - Empire Avenue. Each one of these has a page of my tweets about that subject, with link and pictures!  On the left are your tweets and on the right are latest replies to those tweets. I love the topic  Techieminx obviously because in contains all the tweets about this website -  it puts your latest post with a header [...]

Download Free – An Online Personal Archive App for iPhone iPad – Seembee

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Seembee uses your iPhone to create your own online person archive. With Seembee you can save documents from your library or you can take a photo of your note, receipt,  photo, letter, or any other paperwork  or even music that you want to archive. When you don't have time to run  home to scan documents to upload to your pc and create a folder with paperwork and photos all together!  You can do all this at a touch of a few buttons in realtime. Stored Documents - are titled and tagged for easy retrieval and you can also put a text note with it; you may want to remember the address or phone numbers or even names of people in the photo, or maybe details of a receipt ie - who you went to a lunch meeting with and about what, you can even record a verbal note. Of course this is all completed on your iPhone while you are out and about and too busy to get to a PC. You can also view your documents on Similar to Evernote and other achive [...]

Save Stargate Universe Facebook Pages finally BACK – after being hacked.

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  UPDATE BELOW It all started here...... Today Forbes published an article Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe About the success of the Facebook "Save Stargate Universe" page and the passion that is found within the group! The article soon found it self on the front page of Digg! A story you Dugg was promoted to Top News — 1 hr 50 min ago  Dude And 50K Friends: Serious About Saving Stargate Universe A while later this joined it -  A story you Dugg was promoted to Top News — 1 hr 17 min ago Facebook to file for public offering: report Very shortly after that it seems that someone thought that the page would be a good place to HACK,  to mess around and put out some links - pretending that the owner Dean,  had posted them, it wasn't long before the group realised what was going on! The post at the bottom, this is real - above that are of the hacker... Dean is asking people to report this to Facebook to help out:- We hope that this is resolved [...]

Free Application – Contacts Back Up – never lose your numbers

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I love Orange, and my favourites, Orange Mobile have a new Contacts Back up service so you never again need to worry about losing your phone numbers, and its free. PHEW! Never again will you say, I've lost all of my numbers, or on Facebook post as status that says Can everyone inbox me your numbers I have a new phone; as Orange stores your contacts for you, so they are always there, even if you have your phone stolen lose your phone a monster eats your phone drop your phone in the toilet damage your phone change your phone lose contacts due to itunes restore!  You can even sign up on line to view your contacts!  Just to check :) Its not available on ALL phones yet but they are adding more each day.  It is available to the Apple iPhone you just download the Contacts back up application from itunes - sign up- and save your contacts and its done. Instructions from the website Follow these simple steps. 1. Make sure your phone is compatible Check to see if Contacts [...]

Save Stargate Universe Fan Page now has an amazing 54000 fans.

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The popular science fiction television series Stargate universe has an enormous following which is demonstrated by the 54k likes on the  Save Stargate Universe fan page . The page was created when fans found out via NBC from Syfy in December that  MGM would not be picking Stargate Universe up for a third season, and that the last show would be in Spring 2011. There is also now a brand new fan page for the UK - Save Stargate universe UK page and in 4 days it has 800 fans! Stargate Universe is a Canadian sci fi series, created by Brad Wright and Robert C. Copper and has been showing in America since 2009. Stargate Universe is set on the Ancient ship Destiny, which was launched by the Ancients from our galaxy several million years ago.[49] Several ships were sent ahead of it to seed the universe with Stargates. The Ancients had planned on using its Stargate to board Destiny when it was far out enough into the universe, but they eventually abandoned the project after looking into ascension among other things. In order to reach this ship, [...]

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