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The stylish, super shiny, complex, confusing Nokia C7

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I am surprised how much I have grown to love the Nokia C7, with its stylish, super shiny, glass and steel appearance. Its solid, but slim well built body and its remarkable battery life. Nokia C7 Gallery Likes and Dislikes Not the whole kit and caboodle.. see links through-out  for more details. Battery Life I put this phone through its paces on several occasions, apps open everywhere, calls, browser, and the battery seemed to last forever!  Forever!  It started to take me by surprise when I did have to charge it.  Totally different to other Smartphones that need charging every chance you get "just in case". Slender Not only does this Smartphone look very pleasing as I've mentioned; it feels really good, slightly heavy in a good construction way but slimmer than most smart phones. Someone said to me its a girls phone for small hands, rather sexist I felt but maybe they are right in a way, this would be suitable for the smaller hand, male or female. Touchscreen The touchscreen was also much more responsive than other Nokia phones [...]

How to easily add a profile banner to your Facebook profile

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First you need to add the application. Type in search - Profile banner, its the top one, like this. (Make sure it is this one, they have the most followers - as the bogus ones are in the process of being banned by Facebook.) Then click go to app - and continue. Then you need to upload  your banner - Click Choose File to find it on your computer. Choose a name and category - I had to also click stretch to fit on my design as it is narrow. Click Upload Let it do its magic ... Then it will bring up your image and say you need to tag it - you have to allow the application access, something I don't normally do but I have used this one for a while, and had no problems with it. Now just click the picture - it works its magic by tagging it for you. Done. Check your profile and its worked :) Now adding this to your Facebook fan page doesn't work so well as it says that it puts them [...]

Person Folder – A NEW Social networking site!

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What is Person Folder? Person Folder lets you keep track of your friends and connections the way YOU want. Its a brand spanking A NEW Social networking site;  users may create a personal profile, both public and private, add other users as friends and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Additionally, users may join common interest user groups, organized by workplace, school, or college, or other characteristics. Profiles also have the ability to create full profile page customization and the ability to add a music player. I joined it today, its still in beta, they are constantly working on it, creating fun happenings, and magic behind the curtains - who knows what might happen! It appears that Person Folder arrived on the scene after a few people were  just fed up with Facebook's security, hence the slogan. One thing that I did notice straight away (which is totally different to Facebook, sadly) is that EVERYTHING is set to ME ONLY - then you go to settings and change it to either "friends", or "everyone" if you want. Which of course is [...]

A week of downtime and outages (updated post)

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We've had a week of downtime and outages and at first thought it was bad enough with downtime from Apples iTune app store, however things got a bit more serious as Amazon (and then Sony, see below) decided to join in on Thursday with many people complaining they couldn't get on to various sites; Formspring, Hootsuite, Reddit, Moby,  Zynga, CEX,,,,, Livefyre, co-tweet, Quora, Foursquare to name a few.   A week of downtime and outages These sites are slowly limping back on-line now after the Amazon server EC2 went down for at least three days! Quora is working but had this message showing for a few days. This message from Reddit has only recently been taken off. Ctrl+Alt+Del had this message up for some days! It appears to be working now though. The message on the Amazon status page still just has this... Apr 24, 9:59 AM PDT We continue to make steady progress on recovering remaining affected EBS volumes and making them accessible to customers. If your volume is not currently responsive, we recommend trying to detach and [...]

Itunes down – Getting tired of these problems!

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For the past hour or so people on Twitter have been complaining about iTunes app store being down, this appears to be world wide. Is it to do with the iTunes update 10.2.2?  I was hoping that was going to sort out some problems, not create more. The only sort of confirmation that seems to have been received is yes, iTunes servers are down and they are trying to sort it; will be for down for about another 90mins. Thanks for that Apple. However, for some services  have now been resumed, like mine, we noticed first when we were trying to download some apps and the waiting message hung there until it told us that the app could not be downloaded.  Other apps just stayed on the waiting message and we left t hem until they eventually downloaded about an hour later. Do you think its a bit strange that the down time came at  around the same time of this tweet about Skynet "queue the spooky music". Why the downtime and for so long? For some its been two [...]

London 2012 – Olympics? Worlds End? NOW Twitter?

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An announcement was made today by Twitter to say that they have indeed selected London for the company's European HQ. London just winning over Dublin. Katie Jacob Stanton, who is Twitter's head of international strategy will be leading the London Office which they are hoping to open at the beginning of 2012.  Apparently there are scouts looking at property's in West and East London. How can we cope with all the goings on for next year, first the world is going to end, then the Olympics now this! Earlier we saw this tweet from @KatieS This tweet has now however disappeared so I'm assuming they had a a few too many applications, although the link is still active. Good luck if you have applied for any of these Jobs, competition must be as fierce as  lion hunting its prey!    

No one can tell you who is looking at your Twitter profile!

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Here we go again - There have been a huge number of spam tweets going out proclaiming to show you who is looking at your twitter profile. These tweets are just spam, they are just having a good laugh at our expense and probably getting hold of some of your information. You want to know - who is looking at your Twitter profile? No one can show you this information, as explained here. Here's mine, The tweet that is being sent out says that you can see how many profile viewers you have on twitter - then you have to click the link to find out who. @michelledh You currently have [78] profile viewers today see who they are at - minutes ago via web in reply to michelledh They all have the same tinyurl/4y6p248 They now changed the wording slightly - same url. MirianRoller@RK1960 OMG! See who came to your Twitter profile - Obviously, I haven't clicked through to see what it is, but what I can tell you that is not going to show you who is looking [...]

Changes / and how to use Google url shortener

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Google have recently made some small changes to their URL shortener To shorten a URL You just paste your long URL in the space provided and it gives you your shortened URL at the side. Its much easier now to copy to clipboard, no longer to you have to highlight and then right-click copy. Now when you shorten your URL it immediately appears already highlighted and you just press Control+C   or Command+C for Macs. Also you don't have to wade through unwanted links to find the link you are looking for any more, you can select URL's to delete on your dashboard. And just leave the URLs you want to keep an eye on.  Even though you delete t hem from your dashboard they can still be used and clicked on.  You can also add them back if you want. If you wanted to see analytics for your shortened URL you can just type them in with a + at the end. I haven't used this shortener for a while, now but I think I shall go back to it [...]

When is Facebook not Facebook – when its FaceBook

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  Just when you thought it was safe to go back to reading my blog, there is another Facebook warning. Doing the rounds at the moment is an email that appears to come from Facebook that looks like this...   Dear user of FaceBook. Your password is not safe! To secure your account the password has been changed automatically. Attached document contains a new password to your account and detailed information about new security measures. Thank you for attention, Your Facebook If Facebook were to contact you they would use your user name, they would write their name correctly and they would not send you an attachment. More worrying however, is this one that I received today - it looks very real indeed.  Note the link at the top; lots of numbers, that looks fake - but all of the links look real. "Sorry that you've been having trouble logging into your Facebook account"  I wasn't have trouble logging in. So I just tried again via and it logged in right away, so you can safely assume that this is [...]

Log in to two Gmail, FB or Twitter accounts in Chrome.

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I love Google Chrome and I also love so incognito has proved extremely helpful when I want work on various accounts at the same time. Its quite simple, you can just use Chrome's incognito; pages that you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your computer after you close the incognito window. Any files that you download or bookmarks that you create will be preserved, however. Using this you can open second accounts in Google Mail, Facebook or Twitter or anyother program application that you use that only allow you to log in once. Click - the Spanner icon (top left)  Click - New Incognito window There you are done. Google Chrome & Privacy - Browsers, Privacy and You You will know that you are using inconito as the icon appears in the top left. For more information click  Google chrome and privacy Hope this helps

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