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Twitter Problems – Including Error On Page fix

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Several problems posting tweets to Facebook and Twitter this weekend ... its not Fail Whale its Fail Snail! They tweeted that they were having problems with and API access but they  have now stabilized it. Since then we have seen people complaining of missing tweets or tweets taking from any thing upto 15mins to appear in the time-line, ( this I know caused one of my friends the loss of a competition today) there are missing DM's, still lots of problems but no word from Twitter since the last message 16 hours ago. Other on going problems are as follows... but are appearing more today! Error on Page Some people occasionally get this error message on New Twitter it seems to load and then just says Error on Page,  this appears to be a problem with Internet Explorer 8. One solution found was to delete cookies, or simply deleting the browser history . You do this by opening up IE8 Clicking on Safety and then clicking Delete Browser History Then it will open up this box, you could try first just ticking the box [...]

Nokia N8 Smartphone – Personal Review

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As we know, I love to try out different phones or gadgets or applications and I will give my honest view, in the simplest terms for people to understand.  This time I've been lucky enough to trial a Nokia N8 Smartphone, thanks to Womworld/nokia.From opening the box.......  HardwareThe N8 is extremely pleasing to the eye, its sleek, slender style and the courageous metalic green colour gave me visions of a Porsche or a Ferrari racing car racing around a track. A truly beautiful design.  It felt good in my hand, a comfortable size and it doesn't have a plastic feel to it as some phones do. This phone feels light and floaty whilst also feeling strong and sturdy. Astounding quality.Dimensions·                       Size: 113.5 x 59 x 12.9 mm·                       Weight (with battery): 135 g·                       Volume: 86 ccFabulous, I loved the look and feel of the N8There were however two small things I didn't like about the design,The flaps at the side covering the slots for the microSDcard and the SIM card: I found them difficult to use and they don't look like they would take [...]

Snog Marry or Avoid!

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I've recently found out about a new dating site that was launched in November 2010 it is called Snog Marry Avoid. Not the TV show with the same name.  This dating site is for singles aged 18-30, its free to join, unless you want additional features,  like instant messaging. The idea is you look at random profiles and pictures of people and press a button to say if you would... yes you've got it, Snog Marry or Avoid, and hopefully they will do the same back to you.  You can also add a message when doing this.This is absolutely fine and great, but ........ you know what I'm going to say - its open to abuse, right away I can see the bullying aspect of it here - kids avoiding people or pretending they like someone, or just winding them up and or getting their hopes up. People I know are on this site and they are under 18, they also say how old they are in their profiles so there is not much to stop this happening.   All of the photographs that [...]

How to easily add StatCounter to your blog or web page editor

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People have been asking me where I get these maps from for my blogs. They are from Statcounter. Statcounter is a free web tracker and hit counter which helps you to analyse and monitor all of the visitors to your website or blog in REAL-TIME. I love the way it is instantly updated, its clear and easy to use. It also appears to be more accurate than others I have used. It not just a hitcounter as you may think, it has all of these features. Invisible Counter Option, Configurable Counter,Configurable Summary Stats, Magnify User, Drill Down, Popular Pages, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Came From, Keyword Analysis, Recent Keyword Activity,Search Engine Wars, Visitor Paths, Visit Length,Returning Visits, Recent Pageload Activity, Recent Visitor Activity, Country/State/City Stats, Recent Visitor Google Map, ISP Stats, Browser Stats, O.S. Stats, Resolution Stats, JavaScript Stats, Email Reports, Multiple Site Management, User Access Management, Public Stats, Blocking Cookie  StatCounter make everything very easy with instructions on how to..., but in case you need help I'm going to take you through setting it up.  How to add Statcounter to your blog/website   Log in to - 1 - Register an account. 2 - Create a new project. Type a title for your blog Enter [...]

Nokia BH905i Bluetooth Stereo Headset – My thoughts. BH-905i

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  I recently had the pleasure of trialling a set BH-905i Bluetooth stereo headphones (I don't like the word headset, as these are far more)  from WOMWorld/Nokia. I didn't expect these headphones as I was at the time already trialling the Nokia N8 so I was thrilled at the suggestion. Music I love music and I have a very varied, some might even say eclectic taste, from classical music right the way up to heavy metal with some blues and trance thrown in. So I really put these headphones to the test. And I can safely say they are absolutely acoustically  awesome, there is no other way to describe them. Why they score three A's Quality The music quality extremely high, it sounds crisp, sharp and clear. It uses its 8 noise cancelling microphones to provide you with the best audio experience ever. The active noise cancellation works as well as it says and that is to reduce background noise by a stunning 99%  Call quality is perfect too, it was strange talking to people without something in front of your mouth but people [...]

Ubertwitter returns with new baby – Ubersocial

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With so much publicity over the last few days Ubermedia must be rubbing their hands together. I'm sure they had a bit of work to do but I'm also certain have now gained many new users, with having a trending topic for 4 days. This suspension hasn't done them any harm as far as I can see. Last night people were tweeting like mad waiting for for a link after Ubersocial announced11pm GMT Sunday - @UBERSOC - Great news! Twitter has approved our changes, and we expect to provide a new version in about an hour.But it was almost 3 hours before they posted a link by which time users were in a frenzy - they were  ecstatic to have it back. There reasons for the suspension are on my blog: Why can't I log into Ubertwitter and TwidroydYou can now download the new and improved - Ubersocial for Blackberry, iphone and the Desktop which is in beta here at I'm certainly going to try out the Desktop version now after so many users have professed their love   for (recommended) Ubertwitter, maybe it will be my [...]

Why you can’t log in to Ubertwitter and Twidroyd

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UPDATE: at around 11pm GMT Sunday -from @UBERSOC - Great news! Twitter has approved our changes, and we expect to provide a new version in about an hour.1.45am - Everyone waits as ubersocial informs us - just a few minutes more! 2am - @ubersoc - Thanks for your loyalty and patience.            Spread the word, You can Download           #UberSocial (formerly #UberTwitter)           link - people are waking up and trying to log in to UberTwitter or Twidroyd  today to find messages like "forbidden" and are thinking  they are hacked or something is wrong with their phone.There is nothing wrong apart from the fact that Twitter suspended these Ubermedia applications for violating policies.Its said that there are 3 Ubermedia applications suspended today but its not Echofon (which I've tested, its fine) as I first thought, its UberCurrent.One of the reasons they were closed down seems to be regarding a privacy issue about allowing messages longer than 140 character (and changing the content of tweets) that sounds a bit of a worry. Ubermedia have recently acquired Tweetdeck that uses to [...]

Disqus – is it for me? – (help required)

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I need some advice here please, - as its you, the readers that will be either commenting or not commenting.I've recently added Disqus - A Comment System, to my blog, I've been using Disqus for a while myself as a few of the blogs that I read use it, and so when I comment it is saved on my account, which I really like. All of your comments and others replies and comments on your blogs are all kept in one place.  You can set it up so you are emailed when a comment arrives and even reply just via email.As you can see, it all looks very nice, and there are lots of options to like or tweet or post on Facebook easily, this shows once you start to type.Yet, if you don't like it and won't use it to comment, then I won't keep it, you can log in via Facebook or Twitter easily I think, so not having an account shouldn't be a problem, or is it? I don't how many people will even bother with it. Add ons [...]

Missing Posts On Facebook

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At the beginning of the month Facebook made a few changes, most of which we've all noticed, like the photos now being on a black background in a pop out window and some updates to fan pages. However you may have overlooked this one..... Are you missing some updates/posts or comments in your Facebook feed?  Have your friends seen updates that you have not received?  That is because Facebook added an option and pre-set it at - Friends and pages you interact with the most.  The other option is ........ ALL of your friends and pages. I'm not sure how well this works as I frequently receive pages from people I don't interact with at all, which of course I don't mind, this is why I friended or liked them in the first place but I am missing lots of other posts. To change this setting, just simply scroll down to the bottom of the news feed page  Click - Edit Options Click - Show Posts from - All of your friends and pages.  This change is apparently to minimise spam so you may just want to keep it as Friends [...]

Where’s my phone?!

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Have you ever uttered those unforgettable words? "Oh no, where's my mobile?" Its not where you thought, not in your pocket, not in your bag, not on your desk, suddenly a feeling of dread comes over you that you've left your phone somewhere. You start to panic, the only way is get a friend to ring it, hoping that you didn't leave it on silent.  9 times out of 10 its just there on the side but sometimes you've lost it for good!That's what these little gadgets are for......The Zomm Wireless LeashI saw this one in the Stuff Magazine last month - They say its the first wireless leash for Smartphones.  Its about the size of a 50p and you put it on your keyring. Connected via bluetooth to your smartphone and when you walk away from your handset (20-40ft) it sounds an alarm to tell you that you have forgotten your phone!  Amazing!It reminds me a little of that  gadget we use to have to find our keys, where you whistled and it would bleep to show you where your keys [...]

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