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Formspring – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Formspring is a question and answer website, its like having your own little interview where you can ask anyone anything. You set up your own profile page and people can ask you questions. Users can ask questions anonymously if they like. You can link your account to sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogger.Its been over a year now since Formspring started, and its been very popular indeed. Here are my thoughts on the site. The GoodIf used properly this site can be fun. People can ask you whatever questions they like and you can choose whether to answer them or not.  For instance if you like a person, and want to get to know them better but are too shy or just don't want it known yet, this can be very handy.   Other people can then read all of the questions and answers, so its like reading an interview, which can be very interesting, and/or funny with thoughtful or fascinating questions. The BadUnfortunately not everyone asks the right questions.  I've seen people (teenagers) being bullied with questions or  degrading statements or [...]

Cannot connect Kindle to WiFi ?

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Photo from Over the last couple of days I have heard of two friends that have the new Kindle without 3G that won't connect to their WiFi at home, but strangely do connect with other WiFi's.  One of these people is very tech savy and has never had a problem before with any wireless devices. We've been searching the internet to find a fix for the problem but as yet have found nothing that works. What we have found is that there are a lot of people having the same problem, and yet some have no problem at all. I wonder exactly how many people cannot connect the internet via Wifi, its certainly made me think twice about getting a Kindle from Amazon. There doesn't appear to be a pattern here either - I.E. it doesn't seem to be a certain type of router. I'm hoping its just something simple that we are overlooking and that maybe you can assist. Please, if you had the same problem and found a solution for this can you put it here, so that it will help [...]

Bibi Blocksberg cute 3D racing app on itunes – need for speed on a broomstick

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Bibi Blocksberg - The Broom Race Think... Need for Speed on a Broomstick.  If you received an iPhone for Christmas, or are looking for new and exciting applications,  I might suggest you purchase this app. The Broom Race a great racing game designed with really cute graphics, created for children and yet enjoyed by adults.  Background. Bibi Blocksberg was a German radio drama created in 1980 by Elfie Donnelly which was then turned into an animated television series. Now Nurogames, to celebrate the 30th anniversary have developed this game for the iPhone and the iTouch based on the award winning Nintendo Wii game. The series is about Bibi the teenage witch who uses magical powers to make practical jokes. She gets into lots of trouble but she also rescues or helps other towns people. The App KEY FEATURES ✔ Language selection (English, German, French) ✔ 2 race modes: the time trial and the Cup-run ✔ 4 characters: Bibi, Schubia Wanzhaar, Flauipaui and Florian ✔ 6 unique & rapid routes ✔ Share your Highscore via Facebook or Twitter ✔ OpenFeint and Game Center integration The [...]

Christmas Warning – Burglary Danger from social networking sites

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Just a quick word in your shell like (ear) from me. The BBC have been warning people about the risks of informing people on social media networks (such at Facebook and Twitter) that you and your family are away from home this Christmas, due the increased risk of burglary. course house break ins are popular at Christmas holiday time anyway, as its a time that often we go away and if we are just out, we might have a house full of expensive gadgets, jewellery, iphones, ipads, consoles and the like, all of which are easy to sell once stolen. However there is no point in making it easy for burglars and broadcasting an empty home from a loud hailer. Which is one of the reasons I don't like Foursquare or Facebook places but that's another blog. :) Please don't advertise the fact in your status that your home is empty at any time. You may think you are just telling a friend but keywords can be searched for in some networking sites. Tell them in private, DM or Inbox - if you must tell them on a social networking site at all. When you return, inform [...]

My Top 10 Free iPhone Apps

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To choose my top My Top 10 Free iPhone Apps was almost as tough as choosing your top 10 singles of all time, and that's difficult, don't you think?  So... I also took into consideration which software applications for iPhone I use the most.  These are based on the 3GS as I do not have the iPhone 4 or the iPad yet...    My Best Applications ............  Drum roll please........    My Top 10 Free iPhone Apps Twitter  (You didn't know that was coming.)    Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world with the official Twitter for iPhone app. Real-time search, Top Tweets, trending topics and maps. happening now everywhere and nearby.  Facebook Facebook is a social utility that connects you to the people around you. It's also on iPhone and iPod touch and you can still do everything you can on the PC:  - Get the latest news from your friends  - Upload and share photos  - Send and receive messages Dropbox Dropbox is the easiest way to save, sync and share your files online and across computers. IM+  Now with iOS 4.2 [...]

Very Cool Desktop Facebook Chat Client – Chitchat

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If you use Facebook chat often then you might want to think about downloading ChitChat - its a cool free Facebook chat instant messenger (IM) that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends from your desktop. The great thing about it is that you don't even have to open Facebook, its right there on your desktop at all times, like Windows live messenger, (MSN) in fact it is very similar. Its stand alone so you don't have to even open your web-browser.  Chitchat has been around for about a year now, so they seem to have ironed out any problems that may have arisen.  Where as I still have a problems with using the Facebook chat system, which is that it logs me (or the person you are chatting to) out halfway through a conversation.  I haven't had any such problems with Chatchat.  Its so easy to use, I don't think it needs much explaining, you log in with your Facebook name and password and you are away - all of your contacts instantly appear. It shows the online people with a green dot and everyone else [...]

Panicking for Christmas ideas? Christmas App to the rescue!

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Christmas Wrapped is an ingenious new iPhone App (as seen in The Sunday Times)  to help alleviate the panic and give us inspiration for gifts for our loved ones. You are lucky as there is still time to put this great application to use. It is a brilliant seasonal application that generates unique, tailored gift idea's from its 5000 products and 250 shops and helps you get organised by assigning gifts to your contacts.  It even creates a shopping list for you. Whilst keeping a total of how much you have spent, that's maybe not a good thing! It costs £1.19 And for every download the makers of Christmas Wrapped will donate 10p Make-A-Wish foundation. You can choose people from your contact list in your phone, or create your own. You then refine your searches by adding Gender, Budget and Age. Search, view present suggestions or look at stocking filler ideas. #Which takes you to pages similar to this where you can add gifts Here you can click on the gift that you are interested in finding more about, and even buy it from this page. Download Christmas Wrapped here  from itunes Hope this helps :) 

Can you see who’s looking at or stalking your Facebook Profile? – NO!

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I've seen another batch of these messages similar to the free make up scams, where an application tells you that you can track who's been looking at your Facebook Profile.  Update: New one seen today called Facestalkers - exactly the same thing, the name might change but the song remains the same.  This is fake, its a scam.  I've not clicked on it myself but I am pretty certain that it takes you to an advertising page or to a fake page after asking if it can access your Facebook account and then reposts messages from your account, I've seen two types of messages  per person so far.  This is how I know its fake.  From the Facebook help page.  Every so often these applications appear insisting that they can inform you of who has looked at your Facebook profile and they catch people out as people would like to know, but as I've shown you from the above statements, Facebook do not allow this, they have actually make it technically impossible they say.  There are also now Facebook pages [...]

How to delete a photo from Yfrog

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I recently had a problem where I needed to remove an image for a friend from Yfrog, which is used to post photographs and videos to Twitter. It wasn't immediately apparent how to remove the pictures, so it took longer than it should and yet its quite simple, just different to what we are used to. Edit: I have now done another post due to the change in Y Frog's design - So here is how to delete a photo from YFrog Part 2 - Here's how... Log in to Yfrog using the user-name that contains the file. Go to the drop down menu on your name - Click My images and videos. Hover over the picture, it changes colour, do not click. Remove will appear under the image. - Click remove. Apparently deletion might not be immediate, however when I clicked remove the offending photo vanished in a flash. If someone else put your picture on their account and you want it removed then you must report it and they will remove it here. Hope this helps.

I love these Incredible Personalised Christmas Cards

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I wanted to share with you a brilliant way I've found to send personalised christmas cards online.    I wanted to use some of my designs that I had created to send as Christmas cards this year and I found this fantastic website called  You can create your own card using their designs or use your own photos to create cards and add your own message inside.    First I joined up and waited for the confirmation email to confirm (funnily enough).  Then I could start creating.    Personalised Christmas Cards as easy as 1,2-5     Upload your picture (or choose one of their designs)  (upload from Facebook, Picasa, or your pc)  Choose from 3 different designs. - Greeting Card, Postcard or Touchnote card.  Resize it   If you want you can also .......  Add speech bubbles and or text  Add fun things like icons, graphics or disguises other special effects Use the paint tool to add things yourself.    Enter your message inside with a choice of colour, fonts and alignment.    Then you can choose to either have them sent to you if you [...]

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