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What is Electronics? – My first day with #Arduino

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    "Michelle, Do you know anything about electronics?" "I've replaced parts in a computer.......?" "No real electronics." "No, not really." "Good!" Little did I know that this was the answer Lee Stacey (who works with Designspark)  was hoping for. He immediately arranged a meeting to offer me the My first day with #Arduino challenge of designing something electronic with the #Arduino board from RS Components and to blog my findings.   He and Designspark believe that someone with little or no electronics experience can learn and design with Arduino so this was my little challenge! My first day with #Arduino When Lee first took the magical box of bits and book Getting Started with Arduino (which I must say at first glance looked like gibberish) out of his bag.  I admit I was a small bit concerned, it looked way over my head.  And yet, on the other hand, The Arduino Kit looked exciting and a challenge. I do like a challenge and I love a bit of tech, so I could not refuse. On my return home, I was still thinking to [...]

What is followfriday and how does it work.

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If you've seen a tweet including #FollowFriday or #ff and a list of user names preceded by the @ symbol and you are wondering what it is, or how to use it correctly I will explain, with some background help from Mashable. #Followfriday was started a long time ago by someone who thought it was hard to choose people to follow and thought it would be a good idea to recommend your favourite followers to other users, so that they could follow them too. Explained in detail here on mashable back in 2009 It was a brilliant idea, that caught on quickly. However, I'm not sure how ever people really use it like that any more, do you follow people that are suggested by followfriday? I don't think people bother which is a big shame.  It almost makes it pointless. I actually do follow recommendations on a #followfriday, admittedly not all of the time and obviously not all of the suggestions but I select several users that look interesting, as I do respect my followers choices. One reason some [...]

iOS 4.2 Software Update – what it means to the iPhone User

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Today Apple released the new free Software update iOS 4.2.The biggest difference will be to the iPad users to bring them up to date with everything we already had on the iPhone or Itouch. With extra features. For a start the Alarm bug should now be fixed on your Apple iPhone!!  Can't use that excuse anymore :) We now also have Airprint - PrintingAirPlay - Stream digital media from your iphoneFind my iPhone- which is now free on iPhone 4 - iPad and ITouch 4iTunes TV show rentals Improved mailFour different fonts in notes - Marker Felt, Chalkboard and Helvetica Quick text search in Safari. Improved calendar feature- linking event invitations to Yahoo, Google and Microsoft exchangeImproved Dictionary New Alert tones on Messaging (17 of them)And there's more...... sounds pretty good so far, lets hope there are not too many problems with this. I've actually left it all for you to download first, as there is always a rush. When I get more details I will let you know. Please also let me know of any problems that you may have, so I can inform others, thanks. Edit: I have [...]

How to turn off Twitter 3.2 Push Notifications – iPhone

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As you may of heard Twitter Inc, has released an update to its iOS App for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch which includes push notifications. Read more from @ammojoe on CNet here  I'd never tried push notifications before on my iPhone, it just didn't appeal to me. When I'm on twitter I'm "on twitter", which to be fair, is pretty often, so I don't miss much. However lately I have wondered if someone has replied, or wanted me for something, etc., so I decided that push notifications would help this constantly having to "check twitter". (Not that I am addicted or anything!) : )If you are like me, and have suddenly realised that this is an immensely annoying gimmick, then you are going to want to stop it like I have, after one day. When you first open the Twitter application 3.2 it just asks if you want to add push notifications, but if you added push and now want to disable it you simply have to go into settings.This is how....1 - Click the 3 Dots on the far right.2 - Scroll down to the bottom and click Accounts and [...]

Facebook’s ‘new’ messaging system.

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What it means in brief. Seamless Integration.1. Seamless messaging  - integrated: Facebook chat, email, IM and SMS- "mix and match", just one click to decide how you will send or reply to any format of message. 2. Conversation history - Not entirely a new idea but again, integrated. Keeping all of your conversation streams together. 3. Social inbox  - containing 3 boxes Messages (from your important contacts)  Other (from not so important contacts)  and Spam - (Thats for spam)  you can decide who fits where and filter it as you  like. It's not email but it is email.  Says Mark Zuckerberg.The (not) email address will be This is starting today but ..... its invite only - (not again) and might take a few months to be open to all, yes, a few months! "The idea is people should share however they want to share".  Mark Zuckerberg.It seems that it is just how we'd started to use to use Google with Gmail, Gchat, Wave, and Buzz all connected but sadly Wave, waved goodbye, due to not much of a response.  More here.Somehow I think this will [...]

The Orange Great Balloon race is off! #balloonacy

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After waiting for what's seemed weeks after signing up for the Orange Balloon race across the internet, created by Poke -  we are off!  I'd been excitedly looking at the preparing to launch screen since about 5pm GMT today and finally the contest started at about 7.30pm this evening (2 hours after it should have due to unforeseen bugs).Whats it all about?  Andy Whitlock - Creative Director of Poke explains website here.  #balloonacy How to get involvedGo to the link above.  Then you need to sign up and choose an animal shaped balloon  - you choose from a dolphin (my one is called Flippy because flipper had gone ha!) a cat, a bird, a monkey or a camel.  You can host and play or just play or just host I guess.Once you've got your balloon and named it, you are in the race -  click on the directional arrows to guide the balloon to collect items or to enter more games for small prizes to assist the game or just move up the screen as quickly as possible.There are also prizes [...]

Bulk Delete DM’s

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People are always asking me or asking on Twitter of a quick way to bulk delete DMs, as its rather tedious to delete them one by one.  I'm always giving out the link, so I this maybe more helpful. What you need is DM Whacker.  From @dacortDM Whacker is a brilliant little bookmarklet that deletes all of your direct messages from your profile. It definitely works in Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, not sure what others. There are various options All DM'sAll sentAll receivedDM's from a certain userOr in advances features DM's containing a certain text. Note - It will also delete all the DM's in your recipients inbox (so they will know you have deleted them) Here are the instuctions from the site  Drag the link below to your bookmarks bar (or right click and save in bookmarks) and then open your Direct Messages page in Twitter. Click the bookmarklet you created and select whether you want to delete all direct messages, or just direct messages from a specific user (No @ in front of their name).Please note that when you delete a message [...]

iPhone Alarm Bug Problem – Solution.

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Have you been waking up late in the mornings because of the iPhone alarm going off an hour late?  (Now, there's a good excuse for a lie in.) There have been lots of complaints on Twitter and assorted websites about you late risers the last couple of days.  I don't know how you all manage with just one alarm anyway - I have to have at least two!  I use this  :) After the first Monday morning with no alarm, there was a work-around given from various sources to delete all alarms set before the Daylight Saving Time change and reset them but after hearing complaints of lateness again today, I'm guessing that work-around didn't work.  Did it work for you? Please let us know. It appears that there is no solution as such until Apple release and an update or a patch to iOS4.1  Apparently though it doesn't seem that this will happen as its rumoured iOS4.2 is due for general realise very soon and I read that Apple are saying the fix is there so we will just have to wait [...]

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