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Find the difference – iphone/itouch app.

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Game Review I just have to tell you about this new iphone application by @Zaam - its called Find The Difference. You know the sort of thing, you have two almost identical pictures in which you touch the screen where the difference is.  As soon as I started playing I was addicted, as you have to keep trying until you complete the level or round and some of them are quite challenging.LevelsEasy - which isn't timed, so its good to start with this to get used to it. Medium - which you have 60 seconds to find 4 differences. Hard - you have to be quick here, and find 5 differences in 30 seconds. The faster you find the differences, the better score you get, x2 x3 x4 or x5 the score. There is only one thing that might make it better, penaltys -  if you guess incorrectly as you could just cheat and keep hitting the screen, but what would be the point in that, the fun is in the playing and it is fantastic fun. AchievementsThere are also achievements to be [...]

The internet is for porn?

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Two very bizarre sites have appeared on the internet in the last year. which are both very unsettling; two new ways to get lucky on the internet. They are poorly labelled as Social networking sites or chat forums, which gives Social networking a whole new meaning.   Someone once said that "The internet is for porn"   I feel that these sites are worse than your standard porn sites, they degrade the internet and disgraces us as users. We are worth more than this.   Our own personal privacy obviously isn't worth anything if this leading networking site is anything to go by - See here. Is this the future of the internet?  We moan about censorship but so much is unaccounted for.  (check this out by the way you can use it to sort out your privacy settings on facebook) up is Chatroulette.You log on with your webcam and you see visions of strangers on your screen and of course they see you.  Then you hit next until you find someone you want to share this experience with. (this is called nexting) As long as you don't mind nexting through [...]

Love on the Net

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We all know the film "You've Got Mail"  its one of my favourites - about how two people who fell in love on the internet, although fraught with problems, they lived happily ever after. What do I know? That's what we all want isn't it - our own happy-ever-after? Well it does seem that you can find it on the internet. I admit that I'm no love guru but I do know a bit about it :)  and I also know people who met on the internet and years later are still together, and I have been social networking online for at least 15 years, yes I am that old. Internet datingInternet dating sites are more popular now than ever before -  and there is not the taboo about them as their used to be. They seem to be working ok, and are pretty safe. However you don't really need dating sites, you can meet someone on any of the social networking sites/forums/chat rooms (And I don't mean Chatroulette that's another blog).  When you least expect it.... Finding love or friendship [...]

Dropbox – A good use of cloud computing.

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When @Lucasblack mentioned on Twitter what he was doing with Dropbox I was immediately excited (it doesn't take much I know) and I downloaded it instantly. What is Dropbox In case you don't know yet, (Its been around since 2007 and I admit that I missed it) Dropbox is a file hosting service which uses cloud computing so that you can store and share files on the internet. In simple terms, you never have to remember your memory key/stick USB drive again, you just save your files here and have instant access to them where ever you have a Dropbox or access to the internet,  BRILLIANT! Share and Save files I have my little blue box on my iphone, my personal PC and a computer at work, and anything I save there I can access and work on right away, also you can share any files you want, you can share them publicly and you can control who can access the shared folders. Now I have it, I'm not sure how I managed without it. Keep your files safe Just [...]

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