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Paedo Alert! Protecting our kids

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Facebook say they have "no objection in principle" to installing an anti-paedophile panic button on its site for kids who feel that they may be in danger.…. Paedo Alert! This one statement has produced two different sides of coverage….. Facebook Might Add ‘Panic Button’ To Protect Kids The Next Web Facebook rules out installing 'panic button' BBC News   What exactly does that statement mean?   I think it means they are biding their time until they can come up with another solution, maybe they don't like to be told what to do? Facebook was criticised for not doing enough to protect our youngsters after the murder of Ashleigh Hall. The schoolgirl was killed by 33 year old serial rapist Peter Chapman who pretended to be young boy on the site and lured her to her death. However it seems that a CEOP panic button would not have helped Ashleigh as it has been reported that she didn’t suspect his motives so she had no reason to feel threatened by him, he seemed to her like a pleasant teenage boy. This [...]

The Beauty of Buzz!

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This isn’t a Google Buzz review! There have been enough of those, don’t you think? Besides as I am still getting to grips with it, I just wanted to voice how it has found a place within my social networking life. Google Buzz was supposed to cut out “noise” in a way that other social networking sites couldn’t, they claimed. Personally at first I found Google Buzz noisier than a drunken wasp with clogs on, stuck in your eardrum doing the quickstep. Stop the noise! My mistake, I quickly found out, was that I had followed several prominently popular people, like the “pro blogger” types who quickly flood your stream with their "how to be an awesome blogger like me” blogs and the other admired types that everyone feels they have to comment on – which makes the thread get pushed to the top again. Yes, you can mute the individual posts but some people just post too much for you to mute. The only solution... See ya! Unfollowed – eek! It wasn’t until I sorted through the different levels [...]

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