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Drunk Tweeting

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Remember drunk dialing? Or did you prefer drunk texting? The slightly craftier version of drunk dialing, which enabled you to be either incognito or at least not seen in your moment of mortification – and you didn't have to pay the consequences immediately. Typically in those instances it was only one person that you offended or had to apologise too. Well, now there is another craze taking over where you can offend or show yourself up in public to countless numbers of people at once – it’s called drunk tweeting using There are two websites dedicated to drunken tweeting you can even follow them on twitter I believe, where they retweet the best drunken tweets and which has pictures too, so if you are really embarrassing you might find yourself lucky enough to be listed. Although scarily, on twitdrunk there is a page where you can send an anonymous tweet, which is a bit dangerous to be honest, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that – but there are a few sites for this anonymous activity anyway. If [...]

What is Echofon 3?

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Many people tweet or blog about Tweetdeck, rarely do you hear much about Echofon – the superfast Twitter application - Not Echophone - This is a sort of harmonica, Or Ecophon which is some sort of acoustic ceiling! It is called Echofon - formerly known as Twitterfon and Twitterfox. The new name isn’t extremely memorable but this application for the iphone is.The powers that be don't seem to be doing well with product names do they, well not in my eyes anyway, iPad and Meego, (meebo)? I'm sure there could be something better.Anyway Echofon...... Speedy and simple to useEasy on the eyeAll on one pageOne click to switch or go back The first thing you see when you start is your homepage, this contains your follower’s tweets.Top left - Menu button which takes you to your own account and settings. Top right - Pen and paper icon - where you can type your tweets and don't forget, if you turn the iPhone or itouch you have a real good-sized keyboard To reply, just click on the tweet and it brings [...]

Halo 3 Multiplayer Model Generator Application for the iPhone or the itouch

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Recently I had the pleasure of Beta Testing this great little iPhone application for Luigi Violin otherwise known as ZaaM IT on xbox or @zaam on twitter. If you play Halo 3 on Xbox I believe you will find it incredibly useful. It’s basically a port of a web tool, where you can preview the armour / colour permutations in the game. Switching between Spartan and Elite. You can alter your type of …… Helmet Left shoulder Right shoulder Chest The best bit is that each item has details of how to unlock it – for example – EOD Helmet – you need to Complete Campaign on Legendary. Finally you have a choice of 15 colours for primary, secondary and detail. You can also start from your current setup by typing your Xbox Live gamertag in the "find a gamer" box or even someone else’s gamer tag which is great! Then when you are finished you can save your generated picture. It was great fun testing this out, trying all of the different amours and colours to see how they [...]

My Travel Map

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