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Brizzly – A Simple Way To Experience The Social Web Or Not?

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Always on the look out to try different ways to view twitter, a friend suggested that I try Brizzly.comBrizzly is a web application, with numerous novel added features, I was very excited!To start – Set up a Brizzly account and then log in through your twitter account, and add facebook; then you can switch between Facebook and Twitter.My first impression of Brizzly surprised me, I was instantly disappointed with the design or layout, it looks too busy like Facebook or Bebo, the minimalism and simplification of Twitter web, Tweetdeck or many others is what makes it work, its easy reading. I do like the added features; perhaps they are just not set out right for my personal use.It also shows a different followers and following count than twitter! I understand that the UI and the design may yet change, and hopefully you will be able to set your own preferences for items such as colours which might make it easier to look at. I feel that there is too much on the page and this makes the font too small [...]

Twitter Lists

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I love Twitter Lists… Yesterday, after some annoying downtime from Twitter, we were faced with the sudden disappearance of Twitter Lists, users were concerned that they were gone forever - Tweets were flying around Twitterland about the missing lists and it was soon apparent that as @davepeck always says - people like lists! It was some time before we found out from twitter status - There are obviously those aren’t keen on Twitter lists. Those who expressed the opinion that twitter lists exclude peopleThe users just can’t be bothered with itSome that are worried about being put on bad lists and spamOthers that - just don’t get it. Lists add a beneficial function to Twitter, giving us the facility to swiftly gain access to targeted groups of individuals who tweet about particular topics It does take time to create lists but its very easy. You can organise list/groups by industry, geography, personality or however you wish. Lists are created like herds of sheep that you have to gather into the pen, once they are gathered together they are there [...]

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