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Halloween – Trick or Treating – I don’t get it

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It’s a dark night, the moon is shining brightly giving the street an eerie atmosphere, and it’s bitterly cold. People feel apprehensive as they walk along the pavements, peering to see where they are going. Gangs of teenagers are huddled on street corners looking menacing, giving younger children an uneasy feeling. The children however are excited about what they might receive, they do feel a little scared but try to appear fearless as they are with their friends. All are hoping for riches or to be able to play a joke on unsuspecting strangers. Halloween – Trick or Treating – I don’t get it – I really don’t get it. The real reason for Trick or Treating; The practice of souling - farmers going from door to door on or about All Souls Day to solicit gifts of food in return for prayers for the dead In the phrase finder, trick or treating is explained like this… The ultimatum given by children who call on houses to solicit gifts at Halloween. We are allowing our children to threaten us or [...]

Three Steps to Facebook Heaven

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Ways to edit your Facebook settings.I was prompted to write this post after hearing a few scary stories, one about some teachers that were having an evening out (an event) which lots of ex-students arrived at for a joke as they had seen it advertised on facebook, and a pretty bad story involving a teenager that I know, who was lucky someone helped them change their settings soon enough.I still just don’t get it that people don’t use the facebook settings to their full advantage. Either they just don’t know about these settings, they don’t know who can see what they are doing or they just don’t get it.A warning notice went out this week to employees using Facebook and people started asking me how to change the settings. So I thought I’d write some easy instructions for friends and colleagues and anyone else that might need some help. I will try to do it as simply as I can, not saying my friends are simple by the way, but put it this way some of them have only just [...]

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