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Big boys and their toys.

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Its not just men that like gadgets - I love gadgets, but there does seem to be a difference between men and women gadget lovers.Essential Men seem to just ‘want’ new gadgets it doesn’t really matter what it does or if they need it, they just HAVE to have it – I don’t get it.What is the difference?For instance – I will ponder about a particular gadget for a long time –Do I really need it?Will I get good use out of it?Can I afford it?Research - which manufacturers make is the best?Finally, where is the best and cheapest place to buy it?Today was a fine example, that men do not use this list -Exhibit 1The guys were sitting around wondering what to do on this lovely Sunday afternoon, when suddenly it seemed crucial that they each buy a remote control helicopter.They were watching helicopter videos on you tube and within one hour like bats out of hell, they drove to the only shop found (on Google) that was open nearby. Soon they were all proud owners of remote control [...]

NHS #fail ?

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  A 76 year old man who lives alone - goes in hospital on a Wednesday to have open heart surgery and is sent home to an empty house on the Saturday – without careers or any other help organised. I don’t get it. The trouble is 76 year old Bob (aka Deaf Bob) is as tough as old boots. He is an inspiration to us all – still staying at the beach in his camper van – kite buggying, land yachting, and cycling. Bob is also an engineer and is always busy constructing in his packed garage. We all hope to enjoy a life as active as Bob, when we are that age - particularly after all that he has been through. I made this video about Bob after he made a special type of buggy because I jokingly superimposed (really badly) photo of Bob on a picture. (Red and white – Bob’s colours.)Yes, that is me in it. Ha! Nevertheless, just 3 days after heart bypass surgery baffled Bob is released from hospital, he is incredibly sore [...]

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