Swine flu

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Is someone telling us porkies? It seems it’s truly fashionable now to say that you have Swine Flu - I don’t get it - well I really hope I don’t. We do love getting in a tiz, don’t we? We are just about getting over the Michael Jackson frenzy, and now this, what next?Swine flu frenzy: 2,600 hits every second on NHS websitehttp://tinyurl.com/l2slgdNo-one has a cold, the standard flu or the doctor’s favourite ‘a virus’ anymore, everyone has Swine Flu -apparently. Yes, it is nasty, but come on, we all know what the flu feels like - you literally cannot move for days. I have to admit, it is a something of a worry, but some of us really need to calm down. It seems like we’re all crackling up.Flu infects 100,000 in past weekhttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/8163930.stmHow can they even say this? They are not swabbing anymore, so they clearly haven’t got any idea. In fact, the swine flu figures are obviously never going to be accurate now, some people won’t even bother phoning their doctors or calling the National Pandemic Flu [...]