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  I think everyone has someone in their group of friends who likes to pull pranks. Well ours is Ian. Although to protect Ian's identity from now on we will call him, ..........Ian. Ian's pranks are a little strange and he will go to any length to pull them off. Its always a bit of a worry actually, yes funny, but you are never quite sure what he is going to do next.   On one of our little trips, we were to be staying at a chalet in Devon. Our friends had got there a few hours before us and came to the car park to meet us. As soon as they arrived in the carpark we thought something was not right, Ian was not in sight. We asked about Ian's whereabouts only to be told that he had gone to the shops to get beers. Hmm innocent enough you may think, but not where Ian is concerned! We followed the lads to the chalet, they showed us our room was and sat down. I went through to the [...]

Joys of camping with guys!

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  My cousin just wrote a very touching blog about exes it was very heartfelt, emotional and yet to point, with even a happy ending, so I felt that I had to do the same. What I need to talk to you about is flatulence! (No not mine.) Otherwise known as.. Breaking Wind Expelling Gas Passing Wind/Gas Farting Ripping One Please excuse me for using the word fart as I know that it is a vulgar and unattractive word but very important as an onomatopoea and according to some sources comes from the old English word feortan. Yes its true! I have found something out after years of camping with a group of guys - yes you guessed it, they have a lot of wind. This seems to be worse when you get a few guys within a few yards of each other. Its like they pull it out of each other. They actually think that it is funny and the louder the better! Oh... and how funny it is to them to blame it on me! haha! Mind you [...]


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It seems to me that some people just don't understand what sarcasm really is, it is cutting and insulting and that is exactly what is supposed to be.The English Collins dictionary explains it like this..... A speech or writing which actually means the oposite of what someone means to say, usually intended to insult or mock someone. Not to be confused with blatent "taking the mickey" which funnily enough could have come from taunting the irish. A more popular idea is that its from rhyming slang "taking the Mickey Bliss" but who knows who this Mickey Bliss was? I like the first idea.. Anyway back to sarcasm - I didn't used get it at all, and yet sometimes it is funny and we all laugh but how do we feel that essentially we are being crude, rude, hurtful and unkind. Maybe I just am more sensitive to the reality of it. However those are the facts. Think about it. Nevertheless sometimes you might say something in a way that can break the ice, relax things a bit. For example [...]

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