When you want to help but don’t know how – Kindness in a box

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Cancer, the dreaded C word - the other one.  When it happens to us, of course, it's a huge shock.  Why me!  Cancer is something that happens to someone else!  No one wants to take that journey in life.  But once we find out about it there is no going back, we have to tackle it head-on.  The only save here is that we did find out, so now we have a chance to Kick Cancer from our lives.  It's also difficult for family and friends who feel helpless and who want to help but they don't know how - Cancer, its such a big shock for all. Since an early age, my life has been affected in some way by cancer. From the age of 15, I dealt with it day in and day out from when mum was diagnosed. It came and went and came and went - for 15 years.  I remember then, how friends and relatives felt.  People wanted to help, to offer some assistance, to say that they are there if they are needed, to [...]

The top five hacked passwords and how not to get hacked

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The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a part of GCHQ, and Department for Digital, Media and Sport (DCMS) carried out their first UK Cyber Survey - in which the findings were shocking. Its total proof that we have no idea about cybersecurity and how to protect ourselves online.  You just won't believe the top five hacked passwords in the last year, it's truly embarrassing. It seems that people really do need help with protecting themselves online. The results are from the top 100k hacked password list and survey taken of 1,350 UK residents aged 16+ was undertaken from 12 November 2018 to 9 January 2019. The data have been weighted to be statistically representative of the UK adult population. The top five hacked passwords Wait for it....... 123456 - Is the most hacked password used by 22 million people Next used by 7.7m is - 123456789 3.8million people use - qwerty 3.1million people use - 1111111 No one would ever use those, would they?  Did you? Other most commonly hacked passwords contain names, football teams and other random [...]

An introduction to Biohacking for Entrepreneurs

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We all want to be healthier, fitter and stronger?  It's obsessive, it's our new dopamine!   Many Entrepreneurs and small business owners I know are jumping on the bandwagon of getting up at 5 am to meditate or to go jogging with their smartwatches to check heart rates and calories consumed.  I love working with small businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and if looking after themselves is going to be a part of that maybe these tips in my An introduction to Biohacking for Entrepreneurs will help us all. It's no surprise that Biohacking has become more popular, especially with Entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs are Risk-takers, they are disciplined they are persistent and resourceful Biohacking was made for them. Yes, Biohacking has been around for years but it has gained recognition over the last year because more and more people are wanting a quick fix to enhance their physical and mental health. So for Entrepreneurs this system is a dream comes true, they motivated and have a constant desire to improve themselves, they want to win and be the best.  With Biohacks they can [...]

How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days – Extension March 12th

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Well, that went quick, it seems only yesterday we learned that Flickr had been sold - when it was actually almost a year ago.    Now we need to know How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days! June 2010 was when I signed up for Flickr, it was the year I started my Social Media Management Journey.  I didn't actually use Flickr that much. I didn't abuse the fact that we could store so many images there, I forget what storage it started with but its now 2tbs but over time I have accrued over 3000 images. How to Download Your Flickr Photos Before Deletion in 3 days So, the story is SmugMug acquired Flickr last year from Yahoo (sigh) - and immediately said - well that's enough of your free ride - you can only have 1000 images free now - not 2TBs!!!  Thanks very much, SmugMug  -  so unless you are going to get a pro account which isn't that much but why bother when you can store them on Google photos for free which is awesome, better [...]

YouTube are Banning Prank and Challenge Videos

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At Last YouTube are Banning Prank and Challenge Videos. I can't believe its taken them so long,  YouTube's recent announcement seems to be in the wake of the Bird Box challenge.  The tide pod challenge wasn't enough. YouTube said it had updated its policies to clearly state that challenges that have the potential to cause death or physical injury and have no place on YouTube.  So don't panic everyone you will still be able to see the standard pranks and jokes but not if they are seriously dangerous. These challenges the kids are doing can be very dangerous, and us older more sensible people (haha) are dreading the news that someone has been hurt, poisoned or worse died doing these silly pranks. What is the bird box challenge? The Bird Box challenge is when people are doing their normal activities while blindfolded. The challenge was inspired by the Netflix film, which features characters blindfolded because they can't look at the beast.  Many people started to film their own challenges and post it on Youtube.  And people have participated in dangerous activities while blindfolded, like [...]

Whatsapp Gold Martinelli Hoax Again

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I think we first saw the Whatsapp Gold Marinelli Hoax back in 2016 - its a chain letter, its spam, it's just annoying.  Like the one previous to this one, it came back time and time again, the last time I saw it was 2014. David D Suretech - told us we had to forward his message in order to stay on Whatsapp.  If you know anyone using WhatsApp you might pass on this. An IT colleague has advised that a video comes out tomorrow from WhatsApp called martinelli do not open it , it hacks your phone and nothing will fix it. Spread the word. If you receive a message to update the Whatsapp to Whatsapp Gold, do not click !!!!! Now said on the news this virus is difficult and severe Pass it on to all It wasn't on the radio and it wasn't just announced.....  Don't send it to everyone - just tell everyone to not forward or download stuff from Whatsapp. Then we can all keep safe. They appear to have mixed up two previous hoaxes' [...]

Save Lives with Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine

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Why am I talking about Elliot for Water the Social Good Search Engine?  What's so special about this search engine?  Well, as you may know, I'm always looking out for ways that we can use social media for good - we have these platforms at our fingertipsand we have lots of followers. So we even a voice which we can use  to really make a difference.  I recently created a Whatsapp Group for businesses and startups who are using the internet, blockchain or social...for good, or to "Save the World" which is the name of our Whatsapp group, together we can move mountains! What is Social Good Social good is about getting people to be involved in actions that Benefit Human Society and the Earth by harnessing the power of technology and social media in particular.  And with Elliot for Water, we can actually save lives by just surfing the web - which we basically do every day - it literally costs us nothing to save lives. There are around 5 Billion Google Searches every day  Imagine how many lives you could save if you [...]

Free Mandala Flower and Zentangle Animal Colouring Book – for Adults and Children

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By popular demand, I am making available some of my hand-drawn images available for colouring via downloading a PDF. There are 10  pages to colour and/or sketch over.  Great for practicing. Which Include Flowers Tiger Mandala / Tattoo Pattern Mandalas Heart Design Dragon Flower Mandala Carp / Fish Cat It is free to DOWNLOAD and if you like it maybe you might like to donate if you wish but its not complusary at all. (Sorry we had an error on the page you should see the download now, just click I agree to these terms and it will download)       

Facebook launches collection sharing for Christmas gift ideas

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Facebook seems to think that users are turning to the Social media giant to find and buy Christmas presents. And being that it is the season to be Jolly Facebook launches collection sharing for Christmas gift ideas Its to work with the collection feature that they rolled out last year to help you save, organise and find posts from friends or pages that you follow.  Now with this new launch, you can now share a collection so that friend can view the content that you have gathered. Facebook launches collection sharing for Christmas gift ideas Its not just for Christmas But as you can see it's not just for Christmas - you can use it to share holiday location photos with people you are planning to on holiday with or recipe ideas that you have discovered on Facebook. Wedding planners can use it to share wedding ideas - the uses are endless. There seem to be a lot of new launches going on at the moment - Quora just introduced Spaces   All you do is create the collection you might want to [...]

Quora introduces Spaces for curation, collections and communities

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Quora introduces Spaces for curation, collections and communities, being as my tagline is creating, curating and connecting I love this.  I've been a big fan of Quora since it was launched and I'm very excited to try Spaces. Spaces is starting to roll out to everyone from today but you might not see it yet. When you have it your home page will look like this. Spaces is a new feature that allows people to curate collections and form communities around shared interests and tastes. But before we start let us backtrack because maybe you don't even know what Quora is. What is Quora Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It's a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.  And that's it - you just put out your question to the platform, you can ask certain people to answer and or just let anyone answer.  Many people will probably answer and you can choose the best one, and people can upvote answers so you can see which the audience prefer. [...]

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